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Advances in Molten Salts

1-56700-142-4 (Print)

Control of Phases to be Synthesised by Electrochemical Synthesis from Molten Salts. The Ternary EES Diagram for the Ti-B-Al system

G Kaptay
University of Miskolc, Department of Physical Chemistry, 3515 Hungary, Miskolc Egyetemvaros


Equilibrium Electrochemical Synthesis Diagrams (EES diagrams) show the equilibrium phases to be synthesized from molten salts by the electrochemical synthesis technique as function of melt composition and temperature. Basic principles are explained and equations are given for constructing binary and ternary EES diagrams. 3 binary and 1 ternary EES diagram has been constructed for the Ti-B-Al system both for synthesis on inert cathodes and on the carbon cathode. When the Na3AlF6-Al203-B203-TiO2 molten system is used for synthesis with the concentration of boron oxide and titanium oxide not lower than 0.5 mol% in the melt, the only stable phase to be synthesised is TiB2. When carbon cathode is used the first stable phase can also be TiC. However, due to limitations of its growth, after a thin TiC layer is formed the TiB2 phase will become stable.