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Diseño Térmico Práctico de Intercambiadores de Calor de Carcasa y Tubos -壳管换热器的实用热设计

ISBN: 978-1-56700-205-8
ISBN En Línea: 978-1-56700-322-2

Diseño Térmico Práctico de Intercambiadores de Calor de Carcasa y Tubos -壳管换热器的实用热设计


Practical Thermal Design of Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers is a truly practical book with no less than 35 detailed case studies that serve to illustrate concepts, relate different topics and introduce applications. Thermal designers of shell-and-tube heat exchangers (STHE) will find the book indispensable for understanding the mechanics of thermal-hydraulics in STHE's and thereby for utilizing commercially available software packages to produce optimum designs. The book explains the interplay of parameters and unravels many mysteries, converting the design activity from a mundane chore to a matter of joy. By understanding the behavior of STHE's, process engineers will find this book essential for better harnessing and specifying STHE's. The book will be vital for operating plant engineers. Students and teachers of undergraduate and graduate courses in unfired vessel heat transfer will find this book essential for a good understanding of practical design of industrial STHE's. The book has been written in a language which is both pragmatic and easy to understand. This is the first such practical book on STHE thermal design in the market.

240 pages, © 2004