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Hydrobiological Journal
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ISSN Imprimir: 0018-8166
ISSN En Línea: 1943-5991

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Hydrobiological Journal

Editor-in-Chief: V. D. Romanenko

Objetivos y Alcance

This journal contains translations from the premier Russian and Eastern European periodicals in aquatic biology and aquatic ecosystems, supplemented by original articles from elsewhere. The journal publishes in the area of physiology, biochemistry, systematics, ecology and conservation of freshwater fish, invertebrates, vascular plants, zoo- and phytoplankton, as well as freshwater quality and toxicology. While most of the papers deal with inland waters, the journal also publishes articles reporting on expeditionary work, especially the Antarctic and tropical seas. Hydrobiological Journal is valuable to freshwater and marine biologists and chemists, limnologists, environmental scientists, oceanographers, and toxicologists.

Artículos más Descargados

Seasonal Dynamics of Infestation of Baikal Oilfishes with Cestodes of the Genus Proteocephalus
O. T. Rusinek, Ye. V. Dzyuba

Toxicity of 4-Tert-Octylphenol and Its Biodegradation by Microalgae of the Genus Microcystis (Cyanoprokaryota)
N. G. Medvedeva, S. V. Zinovyeva, T. B. Zaytseva, P. D. Klochenko, T. F. Shevchenko

Homeostasis of Phytoepiphyton of the Dnieper Reservoirs
N. Ye. Semenyuk

Spring Zooplankton of Pelagial of the Baikal Lake
Ye. Yu. Naumova, I. Yu. Zaydykov

Influence of the Volley of Sewage on the Ecosystem of a Small Plain River
S. A. Afanasyev, L. V. Guleykova, Ye. N. Letitskaya, P. N. Linnik, L. S. Kipnis, V. A. Zhezherya, Ye. P. Belous

Comparative Characteristics of Zooplankton of the Sasyk Reservoir
I. S. Marchenko, A. V. Lyashenko