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Heat Transfer Research
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ISSN Imprimir: 1064-2285
ISSN On-line: 2162-6561

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Heat Transfer Research

Finalidades e escopo

Heat Transfer Research (ISSN1064-2285) presents archived theoretical, applied, and experimental papers selected globally. Selected papers from technical conference proceedings and academic laboratory reports are also published. Papers are selected and reviewed by a group of expert associate editors, guided by a distinguished advisory board, and represent the best of current work in the field. Heat Transfer Research is published under an exclusive license to Begell House, Inc., in full compliance with the International Copyright Convention. Subjects covered in Heat Transfer Research encompass the entire field of heat transfer and relevant areas of fluid dynamics, including conduction, convection and radiation, phase change phenomena including boiling and solidification, heat exchange design and testing, heat transfer in nuclear reactors, mass transfer, geothermal heat recovery, multi-scale heat transfer, heat and mass transfer in alternative energy systems, and thermophysical properties of materials.