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Klaus-Dieter Weltmann

Leibniz-Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP Greifswald), ZIK Plasmatis, Greifswald, Germany



Use of Proteomics to Investigate Plasma-Cell Interactions Vol. 1 '2011 - Plasma Medicine
A Systematic Characterization of a Novel Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge for Biomedical Experiments Vol. 3 '2013 - Plasma Medicine
Cold Physical Plasma Treatment Alters Redox Balance in Human Immune Cells Vol. 3 '2013 - Plasma Medicine
Differential Viability of Eight Human Blood Mononuclear Cell Subpopulations After Plasma Treatment Vol. 3 '2013 - Plasma Medicine
Effects of Atmosphere Composition and Liquid Type on Plasma-Generated Reactive Species in Biologically Relevant Solutions Vol. 3 '2013 - Plasma Medicine
Identification of the Molecular Basis of Non-thermal Plasma-Induced Changes in Human Keratinocytes Vol. 3 '2013 - Plasma Medicine
IInfluence of Plasma Treatment on the Structure and Function of Lipids Vol. 3 '2013 - Plasma Medicine
Nonthermal Plasma Increases Expression of Wound Healing Related Genes in a Keratinocyte Cell Line Vol. 3 '2013 - Plasma Medicine
Proteomic Tools to Characterize Non-Thermal Plasma Effects in Eukaryotic Cells Vol. 3 '2013 - Plasma Medicine
Viability of Human Blood Leukocytes Compared with Their Respective Cell Lines after Plasma Treatment Vol. 3 '2013 - Plasma Medicine
A Reference Technique to Compare the Antimicrobial Properties of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Sources Vol. 5 '2015 - Plasma Medicine
Broccoli: Antimicrobial Efficacy and Influences to Sensory and Storage Properties by Microwave Plasma-Processed Air Treatment Vol. 6 '2016 - Plasma Medicine
Antibacterial Efficacy of Plasma Jet, Dielectric Barrier Discharge, Chlorhexidine, and Silver Diamine Fluoride Varnishes in Caries Lesions Vol. 8 '2018 - Plasma Medicine
The Plasma Treatment Unit: An Attempt to Standardize Cold Plasma Treatment for Defined Biological Effects Vol. 8 '2018 - Plasma Medicine
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