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William Begell Medal, For Excellence in Thermal Science and Engineering

William Begell Medal

The William Begell Medal, For Excellence in Thermal Science and Engineering is being established to award an individual, from among those selected to deliver Keynote lectures at the IHTC Conferences, who is held in high regard by the heat transfer community for his/her contributions and excellence in thermal science and technology and whose IHTC Keynote paper is judged to make a profound contribution to the thermal science and engineering literature.

In August 2010 the first William Begell Medal was awarded at the IHTC-14 Conference held in Washington DC. Subsequent to the 2010 award, the Medal will be awarded every four (4) years, at the recommendation of the Begell Medal Selection Committee, coinciding with the schedule of the IHTC Conferences. The Medal winner will be announced at the IHTC Conference at the introduction of his/her Keynote Lecture and so recognized by the Chair of the Begell Medal Selection Committee or his/her designee. The Award ceremony will take place during the IHTC conference banquet dinner.

The Award winner will receive (1) the Medal, (2) travel and hotel expenses including conference registration fee, and (3) a check in the amount of $5000 from Begell House.

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The Nukiyama Memorial Award

Nukiyama Memorial Award

The Nukiyama Memorial Award has been established and sponsored by the Heat Transfer Society of Japan to commemorate outstanding contributions by Shiro Nukiyama as an excellent heat transfer scientist. Nukiyama addressed the challenges of the boiling phenomena and published a pioneering paper which clarified these phenomena in the form of the Nukiyama curve (boiling curve). This epoch-making work was done in 1930s, when heat transfer research was in an early stage and Nukiyama himself was young, under forty years old. The Nukiyama Memorial Award shall be bestowed to a scientist under/ about fifty years of age, once every two years in the field of Thermal Science and Engineering.

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