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Process, Enhanced, and Multiphase Heat Transfer

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Process, Enhanced, and Multiphase Heat Transfer

Allan D. Kraus
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA; University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida


This festschrift volume is a compilation of all the papers presented at the Arthur E. Bergles Symposium held at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia on November 16, 1996. The papers included in this volume span the areas of heat transfer where Professor Bergles has made seminal contributions - heat transfer enhancement, pool and forced convective boiling, cooling of electronic and microelectronic devices, single phase forced convection and process heat transfer.
Professor Bergles has been one of the foremost articulators of the need for careful experimentation, appropriate numerical computing, and frequent interactions among various constituencies to achieve progress in the field of heat transfer. Throughout his work, he has always emphasized the applied aspects of fundamental research, and has endeavored to show how the results ultimately might be applied in industry.

519 pages, © 1996