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Electrolytes: Interparticle Interactions

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Electrolytes: Interparticle Interactions

G. G. Aseyev
Kharkiv State Institude of Culture, Kharkiv, Ukraine


This book continues the author's work dealing with the investigation, representation, and methods of calculation of the physicochemical properties of binary and multicomponent electrolyte solutions. The mathematical foundations of a theory of ion-ion interactions in concentrated electrolyte solutions are considered at length. The theoretical, semi-empirical, and empirical methods of calculation of the physicochemical parameters of the activity of water, activity coefficients, a decrease in vapor pressure over solutions, the electrical conductivity, viscosity, diffusivity, and some other parameters are analyzed. Tables of experimental data are presented in a wide range of temperatures and mass contents of electrolytes in solution.

753 pages, © 1998