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Handbook of Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials at a Complex Stress State
F. F. Giginjak, B. I. Koval'chuk, V. P. Iamashevsky, A. A. Lebedev
Handbook of Photochemistry of Organic Radicals
M. Ya. Melnikov, V. A. Smirnov
Handbook of Physical Properties of Liquids and Gases
N. B. Vargaftik, Y. K. Vinogradov, V. S. Yargin
Handbook of Titanium Based Materials: Thermophysical Properties, Data and Studies
V. A. Petukhov, B. A. Shur, L. R. Fokin, V. Ya. Chekhovskoi, V. E. Peletskii
Heat and Mass Transfer Australasia
Chakravarti V. Madhusudana
Heat and Mass Transfer under Plasma Conditions
Pierre Fauchais, Maher I. Boulos, Joost J. A. M. van der Mullen
Heat Pipe Technology
Leonid L. Vasiliev, Jr.
Heat Transfer Augmentation in Gas-Cooled Channels
Jurgis Vilemas, Vytautas Simonis, J. E. Adomaitis
Heat Transfer in Dispersions
Yu. A. Buyevich, Dmitri V. Alexandrov
Heat Transfer in Turbomachinery
R. J. Goldstein, Maher I. Boulos
Hydrodynamics: Examples and Problems
Dmitri V. Alexandrov, Yu. A. Buyevich, S. V. Zakharov
Hypersonic Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer
Sergey Vladimirovich Utyuzhnikov, G. A. Tirskiy