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ISBN Print: 1-56700-131-9

ISBN Online: 978-1-56700-498-4

The Catalog of Worldwide Nuclear Testing - Online
Editor-in-Chief: Victor Mikhailov

The Catalog of Worldwide Nuclear Testing - Online

The Catalog of Worldwide Nuclear Testing, CWNT, is the first-ever, complete and unique compilation of all nuclear tests.

Containing various vital information and data on all 2049 nuclear tests conducted by the United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, France, and China. The Catalog presents a uniform classification analysis of the five nuclear-weapon states, including the dynamics, yield, methods of testing, name and date of tests, location and type, purpose, cumulative yield. The Catalog also includes information on the recent nuclear tests in India and Pakistan.

This unique volume has been compiled by a team of the best specialists of the Russian nuclear weapons establishment, headed by the former Minister of Atomic Energy of Russia, Victor Mikhailov, and including the following individuals: I.A. Andryushin, A.K. Chernyshev, R.I. Ilkaev, A.M. Matushchenko, L.D. Ryabev, V.G. Stukov, N.P. Voloshin, and Yu. A. Yudin.

In order to make the information searchable, interactive and more accessible to the user, Begell-Atom is proud to present CWNT ONLINE, the web version of CWNT.

Now, subscribers are able to gain easier access to CWNT ONLINE at multiple locations, making it particularly suitable for use by individual researchers as well as governmental organizations and research institutions on a multiple basis with immediate access.

…of Great Interest and Importance to Institutions and Libraries

  • Historians & Political Scientists
  • Defense Personnel
  • Disarmament Specialists
  • Diplomats
  • Environmentalists
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Military Weapons Analysts
  • Nuclear Scientists & Engineers
  • Security Analysts
  • Strategic Analysts

Access is achieved rapidly by links to a very extensive and detailed Index and through the Table of Contents. The full text is available and delivered in HTML all tables are fully interactive.

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