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Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems

ISBN Druckformat: 89-950039-2-8

Cross-Sectional Spray Patternation of an Airblast-Atomized Liquid Jet Injected into a Crossflow


A comparison between experimental and computational data was made for a jet of airblast-atomized methanol droplets injected into a crossflow of air. Parameters that were characterized to assess the effect of governing variables on the spray included the spray dispersion, penetration, and droplet distribution. The mass distribution is determined by spatially-resolved images of fluorescein-doped methanol with Planar Liquid Laser Induced Fluorescence (PLLIF). The droplet D32 and velocity distributions obtained with Phase Doppler Interferometry (PDI) enable a determination of atomization quality of the spray and an interpretation of droplet transport in the flow field, respectively. A FLUENT-based model is used to show its potential for interpreting the motion and distribution of the droplets in the spray system where the limitations of the experimental diagnostics and data become apparent.
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