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Heat and Mass Transfer Australasia

ISBN Druckformat: 978-1-56700-099-3

Thermophysical Properties for a Three-dimensional Pyrolysis Model for Wood


understand the thermophysical behaviours of wood in different conditions of fires. With the adequate and practical representation of these behaviours, fire modellers will be able to achieve better predictions of wood fire and more importantly fire dynamics of the burning of wood which are essential to fire safety engineering designs.
The necessary constituents for the development of a mathematical model for the pyrolysis of wood are discussed in the paper. These include the wood chemical and thermal decomposition, vaporisation of moisture, heat and mass transfer and the variation of thermophysical properties such as specific heat capacity, conductivity and permeability of wood due to the elevation of temperature, degree of carbonisation (i.e. charring) and the change of the moisture content as well as anisotropic nature of wood. A three-dimensional (3-D) mathematical model has been used for simulations of pyrolysis of wooden cube and disc with the recommended values of the thermophysical properties. Computed results are compared with experimental measurements. Excellent agreement is obtained. Sample simulation results are presented and discussed.
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