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Energy and the Environment, 1998

ISBN Druckformat: 1-56700-127-0



In the design stage of solid rocket motor, determination of erosive burning effect is essential for today's propulsion engineers. In the present study, erosive burning problem in the solid propellant rocket motors is considered numerically and experimentally. The model used in the numerical approach to problem is similar to one of Razdan and Kuo which is based on chemically reacting turbulent boundary layer theory. By using this model, the turbulent flow analysis is performed for axisymmetric flow of gases inside a cylindrical solid propellant grain. The results predicted are compared with experimental data obtained from static test firings of rocket motors designed at TUBITAK-SAGE and from the available literature. Strain gauge measurement technique is applied satisfactorily to determine the pressure drop required for erosive combustion and the results are compared with predictions of the model and data from experimental data. The influence of important parameters on erosive burning is determined and compared with data obtained from literature.
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