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Flexible Automation and Integrated Manufacturing 1998

ISBN Druckformat: 978-1-56700-118-1



Quality improvement processes, apart from the technological aspects, should embody and promote concepts of wisdom originated and inherited from the cultures of the nations. Confucianism is a humanistic philosophy that people are regarded with dignity and respect. This paper proposes a hypothesis that successful implementation of TQM philosophies in different countries with different cultures, beliefs, and traditions should have their own tailor-designed TQM strategy. A Global Total Quality Management Strategy (GTQMS) model for neo-Confucian countries amalgamating the Western quality gurus' philosophies and Confucius' teaching is suggested. This merged GTQMS having both hard-side TQM concepts and soft-side behaviors thinking gives rise to a new dimension of cultural difference to be added to the TQM philosophy that fills the gap in knowledge of management thinking.
The relevant behaviors and characters of the Confucius philosophies related to the books of the New Testament of Bible were also studied. The teaching of the Bible since the birth of the Jesus Christ nearly two thousands years ago has great influence on and value to people in the Western culture. The relevant behaviors and characters based on the Bible that was comparable to the behaviors and ethics based on the philosophies and teaching of Confucius was studied. The research shows the general coverage of Confucius values and Christian virtues and characters. Further research could take a similar direction to examine how Christian values could be related to TQM philosophies in business and management. For a multi-national society, this could be further expanded to other religious values. The hypothesis of this further research would be that religious principles should help to remove the barriers to achieve a TQM environment in business and management to ultimately achieve world-class performance excellence.
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