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Advances in Heat Transfer Engineering

ISBN Druckformat: 1-56700-198-1



Heat pipes are very flexible systems with regards to the effective thermal control. They can easily be implemented as heat exchangers inside sorption and vapour-compression heat pumps, refrigerators and other types of heat transfer devices. Their heat transfer coefficient in the evaporator and condenser zones is 103−105 W/m2K, heal pipe thermal resistance is 0.01−0.03 K/W, therefore lead to smaller area and mass of heat exchangers. Miniature and micro heat pipes are welcomed for the electronic components cooling and space two-phase thermal control systems. Loop heat pipes, pulsating heat pipes and sorption heal pipes are the novelty for the modern heal exchangers. Heat pipe air pre-heaters are used in thermal power plants to preheat the secondary/primary air required for combustion of fuel in the boiler using the energy available in exhaust Hue gases. Heal pipe solar collectors arc promising for the domestic use.
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