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Molecular and Microscale Heat Transfer

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Molecular and Microscale Heat Transfer


Molecular and microscale thermal science and engineering is an emerging field in the heat transfer community. This book collects the papers presented at a seminar devoted to this rapidly expanding area of interest. Its purpose is to assess accomplishments and determine future needs, increase the awareness of researchers and engineers with regard to industrial demand, and to provide a forum to present new findings and results.

209 pages, © 1994


Microscale Thermal Phenomena In Contemporary Technology
Future Aspects of Molecular Heat and Mass Transfer Studies
Highly-Nonequilibrium Plasma Chemistry at Atmospheric Pressure and Temperature in the Control of Material Conversion Processes
Numerical Analysis of an Atomic Molecule Interaction on Surface
Experiment of Gas-Surface Interaction and Its Energy Transport Characteristics
Heat and Mass Transfer from Thin Liquid Film in the Vicinity of the Interline of Meniscus
Liquid-Vapor Phase Transition and Bubble Formation in Micro Structures
A Shock-Tube Method for the Study of Vapor-Liquid Interface Phenomena
Microscopic Features of Evaporation and Condensation at Liquid Surfaces: Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Vapor Molecule Behavior in the Vicinity of Metal Condensation Interface
Surface Phenomena of Molecular Clusters by Molecular Dynamics Method
Micro-freezing of Biological Material
Silicon-Water Micro Heat Pipes
Estimation of Condensation Coefficient from Dropwise Condensation Heat Transfer
Heat and Electron Transport at Point Contact
Transport Phenomena in Metallic Point Contacts
Thermal Imaging and Modeling of Hot Electron Semiconductor Devices
Inversion Mechanism of Joule-Thomson Effect
Molecular Dynamics Study on Structure of Near-Critical Water
Cluster Formation of Diatomic Molecules
From Physics to Function: Semiconductor Quantum Structures and the Information Age
Thermal Radiation Transport Regimes in Micro-Structures
Numerical Simulation on Melting Behavior of an Atomic Layer Irradiated by Thermal Radiation
Microgeometrical Contour Contributions to Surface Scattering
Transport Processes Associated with Micro-Devices
Crystalline Structures of Thin Films under the Thermal Energy Control
Hyperbolic Heat Conduction in Thin Domains
Thermal Conduction Processes with Sub-Micrometer Lengthscales in Electronic Circuits
Fast Computation of Microscale Temperature Distribution in LSI Chips
Microscale Thermal Diffusivity Measurement - Development of The Technique and Measurement of Anisotropic Behavior of a Nylon Fiber