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Heat Transfer & Transport Phenomena in Microscale

1-56700-150-5 (Druckformat)

Heat Transfer & Transport Phenomena in Microscale

Gian Piero Celata
ENEA, Institute of Thermal Fluid Dynamics, ENEA TERM/ISP Heat Transfer Laboratory C.R.E.


With keynote papers by leading international specialists the proceedings covers the following topics: single-phase flow heat transfer in channels, heat and fluid flow, pressure drop, boiling phenomena, transport phenomena, heat transfer applications, industrial applications, thermal radiation, material & thermophysical properties, molecular dynamics.

464 pages, © 2000


Invited Lectures
Nonequilibrium Phonon and Electron Transport in Heterostructures and Superlattices
Recent Developments in Microscale Temperature Measurement Techniques
Size Effect on Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics in MEMS
Attempts to Apply Micro Heat Transfer to Thermal Management
Microstructure Devices for Applications in Thermal and Chemical Process Engineering
Heat Transfer in Microchannels
Single-Phase Flow Heat Transfer in Channels
Flow and Heat Transfer in an Almost Circular Microtube with Rough Walls
Toward a Better Understanding of Friction and Heat/Mass Transfer in Microchannels - A Literature Review
A Comparative Analysis of Studies on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Microchannels
Prediction of Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics in Micro Couette Flow
Slip-Flow Low Peclet Number Thermal Entry Problem within a Flat MicroChannel Subject to Constant Wall Temperature
Experimental Investigation of Hydraulic and Single Phase Heat Transfer in 0.130 MM Capillary Tubes
An Analysis for Heat Transfer Between Two Unsymmetrically Heated Parallel Plates with Micro Spacing in Slip Flow Regime
Heat and Fluid Flow
Conjugate Heat Transfer in Microchannels
Non-Fourier Heat Conduction Phenomena in Porous Material Heated by Microsecond Laser Pulse
Temperature Propagations and Convective Instabilities in Critical Fluids
Improved Thermal Efficiency and Temperature Uniformity Using Fractal-Like Branching Channel Networks
Pressure Drop
Liquid Flow Pressure Drop in Microtubes
An Experimental Investigation of Gaseous Flow Characteristics in Microchannels
Experimental Study on Flow Characteristics of Liquid in Circular Microtubes
Friction Characteristics of Water, R-134a and Air in Small Tubes
Boiling Phenomena
Boiling Heat Transfer on Surfaces Coated by Porous Wick with Open Channels
Onset of Vapor Generation in Small Channels at Low Reynolds
Arguments on Microscale Boiling Dynamics
Quantitative Microscale High Speed Visualization of Pool Boiling Phenomena from Enhanced Evaporator Tubes
Effects of the Polarity of Working Fluids on Vapor-Liquid Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Capillary
The Visualization of Boiling in Small Diameter Tubes
Bubble Dynamics of Boiling Explosion in Pure Liquid Induced by Pulsed Heating
An Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Coefficients in Vertical Narrow Channnels
Flow Boiling of Water and n-Heptane in Micro Channels
Characteristics of Two-Phase Flow and Evaporation Heat Transfer in a Capillary at Constant Heat Fluxes
Boiling Nucleation, Bubble Dynamics and Heat Transfer on a Micro Film Surface Heated at an Extremely High Rate
Transport Phenomena
DSMC Modeling of Interface Curvature Effects on Near-Interface Transport
Optical Measurement of Microscale Transport Processes in Dropwise Condensation
Effects of System Dimension on Turbulence and Microfluidic Mixing
Modeling Phonon Transport in Solid Thin Films
Clamped Nanowire Thermal Conductivity based on Phonon Transport Equation
Micro-Solidification Process in Multi-Component System
Diffusion and Flow Development in Co-Flowing Micro-Channel Streams
Chaotic Behaviors and Transition to Turbulence in Porous Media
Heat Transfer Applications
Effect of Condenser Location and Imposed Circulation on the Performance of a Compact Two-Phase Thermosyphon
Transport Phenomena in Micro Heat Exchangers with Corrugated Walls
Industrial Applications & Mems
Flow Based Characterization of the Operation of a Microfluidic Amplifier
DSMC Simulation of Microscale Backward-Facing Step Flow
Cooling by Resonant Fowler-Nordheim Emission Through a-Few-NM-Thick Films
Miniaturization of Thermoacoustic Devices for Thermal Management of Microelectronics
Thermal Radiation
Optimization of the Spacing Effects of Thermal Radiation for Microscale Thermophotovoltaic Devices
Modification of the Thermal Emission Spectrum at Short Distances
Enhanced Radiative Heat Transport at Nanometric Distances
Material & Thermophysical Properties
Size Effects on the Thermal Conductivity of Polymers Laden with Highly Conductive Filler Particles
Lattice Dynamics Study of Anisotropic Heat Conduction in Superlattices
Thermal Conductivity of InAs/AlSb Superlattices
Size Effect on Surface Tension and Contact Angle Between Protein Solution and Silicon Compound, PC, and PMMA Substrates
Structural and Microstructural Effects on the Thermal Conductivity of Zirconia Thin Films
Thermal Stress Modeling in Microelectronics and Photonics Packaging
Thermoreflectance Microscopy: Calibration of Temperature Measurements upon Micrometric Metal Lines Applied to Thermal Conductivity Identification of Micrometric Dielectric Layer
Local Thermal Characterization of Inner Gun Barrel Refractory Metallic Coatings
Cluster, Magnetic and Rheological Characteristics of a Ferromagnetic Colloidal System
Thermal Conductivity of Doped Polysilicon Layers
Molecular Dynamics
Molecular Dynamics Study of Surfactants on a Water Surface
Cavitation and Bubble Nucleation Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
A Molecular Dynamics Approach to Interphase Mass Transfer Between Liquid and Vapor
Cluster Growth and Structures of Lennard-Jones Molecules Near the Critical Point
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Heterogeneous Nucleation of Liquid Droplet on Solid Surface