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1st World Congress of Young Scientists on Hydrogen Energy Systems

ISBN Druckformat: 1-56700-230-7



Powerlab can be defined as a "Laboratory Power Plant" with the use of local energy source and hydrogen.
This kind of new concept of Laboratory, will spring up near the ready-to-born "Città del Divertimento" of Rome - in Valmontone, Italy - which is to be powered with renewable sources and hydrogen capitalising the technology developed and tested by Powerlab.
The central body of Powerlab, will ensure the self sustainability of energy needs with the electricity provided from an integrated photovoltaic system (integrated in the constructive part of the building and in its dedicated parkings).
This electricity will have both direct and indirect use (delayed in time), thanks to its storage as hydrogen to be used in Fuel Cells.
In this work, all kind of Powerlab energy needs with their related load diagrams (daily average) for each single utilisation period, are analysed.
A functional diagram has been developed to guarantee the peculiar energy characteristic of Powerlab, that is its complete self sustainability.
The components of this diagram are: PV panels, electrolyser deionizer, hydrogen storage tank, fuel cells, inverter, thermal storage tank, energy loads/needs and a unit power system which controls and drives this renewable hydrogen energy system.
This work attains its goal dimensioning all energy components, verifying annual energy balance and defining the functioning of the unit power system:
Powerlab self sustainability with a renewable hydrogen energy system.
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