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Advances in Molten Salts

ISBN Druckformat: 1-56700-142-4

Acid-base reactions leading to fouling and corrosive ionic liquids in the combustion of biomass


Modem solution theories for ionic liquids coupled with a thermodynamic database and a robust computer program for free energy minimization are capable of performing accurate calculations of the total chemistry of the combustion of biomass. The results provide a quantitative description of the chemistries and of the acid-base reactions involved and predict problems due to the formation of fouling and corrosive ionic liquids. A detailed knowledge of the acid-base chemistries involved in the formation of such ionic liquids allows one to solve such problems by the use of additives and helps to improve the efficiency of power production from biomass combustion effluents. Such efficiencies would make biomass more competitive with fossil fuels and allow one to minimize the probable influence of CO2 buildup on global warming.
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