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Heat Pipe Science and Technology, An International Journal

ISSN Druckformat: 2151-7975

ISSN Online: 2151-7991

Ziele und Zweck

Heat Pipe Science and Technology, An International Journal is encompassed on publishing i) fundamental studies of heat and mass transfer in heat pipes and two-phase thermosyphons, ii) new streams of technology development, iii) industrial innovation in electronic thermal control, air conditioning, heating and cooling, aerospace thermal control, and associated fields which are related to the journals major topic. The main objective of Heat Pipe Science and Technology is to provide a greater understanding of the fundamentals, principles and technologies associated with the design and operation of heat pipes and thermosyphons and their optimal connection to active systems such as heat pumps, coolers, refrigerators, power sources, space components and future thermal applications. Applied and fundamental research in energy systems and environment are the priority framework of the Journal that will include the following:
  • review articles on heat pipes and thermosyphons fundamental and technologies
  • heat pipes for space and ground application
  • mini- and micro scale heat transfer at phase changes - fundamentals, experiments
  • electronic cooling
  • two-phase heat exchangers for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems
    • * heat transfer in micro and nano-porous structures; nano-fluids; nano-technologies
      * heat pipe thermal management in fuel cells and ancillary systems
      * development of new materials for heat pipes and heat exchangers
      * computational simulation of two-phase components and heat pipes
      * heat pipe modelling and integration
      * thermal simulation of system integrated heat pipes and thermosyphons innovative heat pipes (pulsating/"oscillating" heat pipe, conducting heat pipe, new materials for heat pipes)
      * heat pipe/thermosyphons implementation in industrial components, such as molds, lab-on-chip, cold and hot plates, food homogenizers, distillation columns, etc.).
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