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Flexible Automation and Integrated Manufacturing 1996

978-1-56700-067-2 (Print)
978-1-56700-439-7 (Online)

Flexible Automation and Integrated Manufacturing 1996


The objectives of the Sixth International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM '96) are to support the international exchange of experience about outstanding industrial developments and the latest results of production research.
We hope you enjoy reading the Proceedings of FAIM '96. We believe the results of this conference will continue to be useful in your professional activities.
Leon F. McGinnis, M. Munir Ahmad, and William G. Sullivan

931 pages, © 1996

Table of Contents:

A Concurrent Engineering Approach to Total Product Life Cycle Management
Integrating Distributed Economic Models to Evaluate Investments in Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Achieving Competitiveness from Technological Developments
Rensselear’s Electronics Agile Manufacturing Research Institute: Progress and Results
Enhancing Competitiveness: Barriers and Promising Practices
A Survey of Engineering Framework Technology with Applications to Computer Aided Engineering
An Infrastructure for Agile Enterprise Product Development Systems
Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management in the Industry Ecosystem
An Interactive Decision Support Model on Location and Allocation Problems for Medium-Sized Companies with Special Focus on Eastern Europe
Hopfield Neural Network for a Transnational Enterprise's Manufacturing Network
Thermometer to Investigate Dimensional Errors in Turning Operation
Baseline Calibration of Autobrazer for Quality Control
Next Generation Process Manufacturing Systems
Automated Data Collection for Automated Quality Control in Assembly Cells
Industrial Communication Networks: Issues on Heterogeneity and Internetworking
Fiber Optic Sensing of Displacement and Pressure
On-Line Monitoring of Production Lines Based on Event-Timing Signatures
Non-Contact Sensing for Determining Peg in Hole Placement
Cell Control Engineering
Enhanced Automation of Injection Moulding by Visual Feedback
Enhancing Vision Data Using Prior Knowledge
Robots in Close Co-operation with Persons -- A Contribution to Safety Sensors for Service Robots
Inspection of Components Manufactured on a Machining Centre, By On-and Off-Line Techniques
Automated Assembly Cell With Self Calibrating Software
Integration of Robotics into the Pharmaceutical Process Control Environment
First Application of a New NC Interface Based on Machining Objects: User-Oriented Modification for the Machining of Sculptured Surfaces
Factory Automation Using OSI Technologies: Processes Automation in a Transformers Manufacturing Plant
Requirements on Perception in Industrial Environments
Cell Control Rapid Prototyping Using Object Oriented Technology and SEMI Standards
Analysis of Deterministic Positioning on Workholding Fixtures
Simultaneous Engineering for Die-Mold Industry: A Practical Approach
The Agility of Bucket Brigade Production Lines
Design for Disassembly Via Virtual Prototyping
Investigation of the Effects of Control Logic on AGV System Performance
Concurrent Engineering Environment for Product Design, Assembly and Resource Planning
Correlating Tool Vibration and Tool Condition Through the Use of Neural Network in Finish Turning
A Benchmarking Study of Design Infrastructures in Shipbuilding and Other Heavy Industries
Feedback into the Early Stages of Design
Constraint Management and Design Models in Supporting Re-Design
The Graphics Code, Visualization and CAD: A Strategy for More Efficient Use of CAD Programs
Modeling of Requirements: The Key for Cooperative Product Development
Optimization in Parametric Design Space
Towards Collaborative Virtual Prototyping in a World Market
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing for Inventory Replenishment: Issues and Directions
Design and Implementation of Company Tailored Automated Material Handling
Robotic Loin Cutting
Simultaneous Use of Simulation and Activity-Based Costing for the Design and Cost Analysis of Manufacturing Systems
A 3-Step Method to Design a Testing System Facing Testing Problems
Multi-Disciplinary Framework for IPPD in Aeronautical Industry
A Five Knowledge-Levels Analysis Directed to Cellular Manufacturing Systems Design
The Development of a Generic Framework for the Implementation of Concurrent Engineering
Design for Manufacture at the Function Level of Abstraction: A Conceptual Exposition
Interactive Design of a Product and Its Assembly Line
Formation of Virtual Manufacturing Cells Using Generic Capability Patterns
Interpretive Examination of Concurrent Engineering Constructs for Apparel Manufacture
Design of a Modular Product Architecture and a Cellular Manufacturing Layout: A Concurrent Engineering Approach
Motion Modeling in a Virtual Reality-Aided Factory Simulator.
ALEXSYS -- An Intelligent Diagnostic Tool for Defect Prognosis in High Pressure Aluminium Die Castings
Development of a Rapid Prototyping System for Tactile Graphics Production
A Framework for Production Planning and Scheduling in FMC
Development of a Production Planning Decision Support System Integrated with a MRP System for a Flexible Manufacturing System: A Case Study
A Methodology for a Maintenance System Integrated with the Control Modules of an Automated Manufacturing System
Integration of an MRP II Software and CIM Components
Three-Tier Client/Server Computing: Advancing Semiconductor Manufacturing into the 21st Century
A Practicable Scheme of CIM System Architecture
Representing Part Families Using Decision Trees
Web-Based Graphical User Interfaces to Monitor and Control Distributed CIM Systems
Tools/Procedures for Continuous Innovation in Next Generation Manufacturing Systems
Methods for the Forging Process to Improve Productivity and Quality
Kaizen - A Teamwork Approach to Continuous Improvement
Application of Fuzzy Logic for Metal Cutting Data Selection
Automatic Generation of all Geometrically Feasible Assembly Sequences Using Solid Modelling
A Structured Approach for Designing Shop Floor Control Information Systems
Next Generation Manufacturing System - What Does It All Mean?
Development of a Framework and a Software Tool for Constructing an Autonomous Distributed System
The Development of an Integrated Manufacturing Engineering System in a Precision Job-Shop
Optimization of Sintering Process for Improved Electrical Characteristics of ZincOxideVaristor
Implementation of Decentralized and Collaborative Production Management
Configurable and Scalable Real Time Control Policies for Deadlock Avoidance in Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Agent-Based Factory Information Systems
Integrated NC Planning and Programming Support for Small Manufacturing Enterprises
The Role of Genetic Algorithms in Production Scheduling
Structured Adaptive Supervisory Control of a Flexible Manufacturing System
Fixture Orientated Planning Within Flexible Machining Systems
Control Issues for Integrated Design Agents
Performance Evaluation of Structurally Controlled FMS: Exact and Approximate Approaches
A Learnable Simulation System for Scheduling FMS
Scheduling Optimization in an Actual Job-Shop
Design and Implementation of FMS Control Software
Economic Processing Models for Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Improvement of Machining Economy in Multi-Tool Milling Operations
User Defined Features for CAD/CAPP Integration
The Measurement and Evaluation of Efficiency Performance in Manufacturing: A Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Approach
Unintended and Unwanted Economic Impacts Associated with Group Technology: A Case Study with Rockwell International
A Model for Computer-Based Contour-Fault Prediction and Compensation when Milling Sculptured Surfaces
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