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Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer 1

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Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer 1

Jose C. F. Pereira
Mechanical Engineering Department Instituto Superior Tecnico Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisboa Portugal

Kemal Hanjalic
Department of Physics, Novosibirsk State University (NSU), 1, Pirogov Str., Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia; Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Building 58, Van der Maasweg 9, 2629 HZ, Delft, The Netherlands


This monograph details recent achievements in turbulence theory, experiments and computations relevant to heat and mass transfer. Containing over 90 papers presented at the International Syposium on Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer, held in Lisbon, Portugal in 1994, this book covers topics from turbulence structure to computation of complex flows. It will serve as an invaluable reference for anyone conducting research in this important field.

580 pages, © 1995

Table of Contents:

Reviews in Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer
Microscales of Turbulence, Mass Transfer Correlations
Some New Ideas on the Similarity of the Turbulent Free Shear Flows
Direct Numerical and Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer
On the Computation of Convective Heat Transfer in Complex Turbulent Flows: Physical Issues
Turbulence Structure, Heat and Mass Transfer
Similarity Analysis of the Two-Point Velocity Correlation Tensor in a Turbulent Axisymmetric Jet
The Asymptotic Structure of the Thermal Turbulent Boundary Layer Near a Separation Point
On a Turbulent Vortical Flow
Power Spectra of Wall Shear Stress Fluctuations in Turbulent Flows
Velocity and Temperature Measurements in Counterflowing Jets
Flow in the Wake of a Heated Circular Cylinder in Rotary Oscillation
Experimental Evaluation of the Effect of Turbulence Intensity on the Mean and Local Transfer Coefficients at the Surface of Cylinders in a Cross-Flow of Air
Measurements of the Turbulent 3D Field Behind a Swept Backward Facing-Step
Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Coherent Structures in the Near Wake of a Circular Cylinder at Mach Number 2
Experimental Investigation into the Dynamics of the Axisymmetric Jet Mixing Layer
Study of Turbulent Jets Attaching to the Wall
Heat Transfer on a Plate in the Presence of Laminar-Turbulent Transition and Increased Turbulence of the External Flow
Near Wall Turbulence Under the Influence of Intensive Mass Transfer
A New Experimental Technique for Boundary Layer Investigations
Physical Nature of Heat Transfer in Nonuniform Porous Structures
Investigation of the Shape of Gravity Driven Liquid Sheets
Liquid Metal Heat Transfer Under the Conditions of Fusion Tokamak Reactor
Experimental Studies of Turbulence and Convective Heat Transfer When Liquid Metal Flows in a Pipe in a Longitudinal Magnetic Field
Turbulence Closures for Heat and Mass Transfer
Realizable Second Moment Closures and a Priori Suitable Algorithms
Modeling Contribution of Finite-Size Organized Streams and Structures to Average Effects of Transport Processes in Developed Turbulent Pipe Flow
Near-Wall Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of the RNG k-e Turbulence Model
A Model for Turbulent Eddy Viscosity: Low-Reynolds Number Approximation
Structure of Length Scales and Their Modeling in Turbulent Flow Fields
A 3-Equation Transported Strain Parameter Model of Turbulence and Its Application to Turbulent Mixed Convection
On the Performance of the Second-Moment High and Low-Re-Number Closures in Reattaching Flows
A Proposal of k-ε Model with Relevance to the Near-Wall Turbulence
Numerical Simulation of Blunt-Fin-Induced Flow Using a Two-Equation Turbulence Model
A Pointwise One-Equation Turbulence-Migdel for Wall-Bounded and Free Shear Flows
Integral Method for a Two-Equation Model of Turbulence
Analysis of a Turbulence Model for Buoyant Flows Implemented in the 3D Thermal-Hydraulic Computer Code Flutan and Comparison with the Standard k-ε — σt Model
Numerical Prediction of Wall Heat Transfer in Complex Turbulent Flow
A Temporal Filtered Large Eddy Simulation to Simulate a Supersonic Mixing of a Hot Jet in a Co-Flowing Stream and Comparison with Experimental Data
Numerical Simulation of A BlufF-Body Stabilized Flame
Boundary-Domain Integral Method for Turbulent Fluid Flow
Impingement, Separation, Reattachment
Studies of Impinging Jet Flows and Radial Wall Jets
Heat Transfer and Flow Characteristics of a Single Circular Impinging Jet Considered on Heat Conduction in a Heated Section
Momentum and Heat Transfer Measurements in the Separated Region Downstream of a Step
Heat Transfer Around Three Rectangular Blocks in a Flat-Plate Laminar Boundary Layer
Supersonic Base Flow Computation by Higher-Order Turbulence Models
Simulation of Impinging Jet with a Reynolds-Stress Turbulence Model and Turbulent Heat Fluxes
Turbulent Separated and Reattached Flow Around an Inclined Downward Step
Turbulence and Unsteady Heat and Mass Transfer
Space-Time Organization of an Unsteady Turbulent Near-Wall Flow
Unidirectional Unsteady Wind-Tunnel Flows over Smooth and Rough Surfaces
An Experimental Study of Pulsating Turbulent Pipe Flow
Experimental Study of the Structure of Turbulent Unsteady Gas Flows in Tubes
Heat Transfer in Oscillating Turbulent Flow
Turbulence and Thermal Buoyancy
Chaotic Behavior of the Natural Convection Around a Hot Horizontal Cylinder Affected by a Flat Ceiling
Analysis of Thermal Variance Equation for Natural Convection of Air and Sodium
The Thermal Stratification Layer for Turbulent Co-Current Air Flows
Another Look at the Turbulent Natural Convection Boundary Layer Next to Heated Vertical Surfaces
Application of New Wall Functions in Prediction of Turbulent Natural Convection
A Computational Study of a Thermally-Stratified Channel with Obstruction
Numerical Prediction Method of Buoyancy-Influenced Flows with 3D BFC and Cubic Spline Interpolations
Turbulent Natural-Convection Flow in Arbitrarily Shaped Geometries
Numerical Study of Turbulent Natural Convection in Enclosures Bounded by a Massive Wall
Turbulence in Two-Phase Flows
Turbulent Transfer Phenomena In a Ladle Due to Jet-Throughflow Interaction
Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer of Gas-Liquid Flow in an Inclined Rectangular Channel
On the Influence of Gas Temperature on Spray Evaporation
Numerical Calculations of Spray Evaporation in Turbulent Flow
Deposition of Liquid Fuel Droplets in Turbulent S.I. Engine Induction Airflows
Bubble Transport in a Turbulent Bubbly Wake
The Modelling of Coal Ash Deposition Under Pulverized Coal Combustion Conditions
Turbulence in Reacting Flows
Potentialities of the Stretched Laminar Flamelet Approach for Turbulent Combustion
Turbulent Mixing and Local Extinction in a Disk-Stabilized Premixed Flame
Length and Time Scales of the Scalar Field in Turbulent Premixed Flames
The Concept of Fractal Surfaces Plausible Connections with P.D.F. Methods
The Influence of Flow Induced Turbulence on Detonability of Gaseous Systems
Turbulence and Heat and Mass Transfer in Turbomachines
Experimental Study of the Influence of Upstream Turbulence on Heat Transfer from a Model Blade in Confined Cross Flow
Turbulence Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Gas Turbine Stator-Rotor Stage
Computation of Flow and Heat Transfer in Pre-Swirl Rotor-Stator Systems
Turbulence Measurements in the Flow Field of an Axial Flow Fan Subjected to Radial Distortion
Characteristics of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow on the Shroud Surface of an Axial Flow Turbine in a Transient State
Turbulence Related Heat and Mass Transfer Augmentation
The Helical Controversy
Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Turbulent Boundary Layer Disturbed by a Flatten Cylinder
Characteristics of Flow Through Parallel-Plate Type Turbulence Promoters
The Effect of Fouled Surfaces on Turbulent Bursts
Mean Pressure Distribution and Drag Coefficient of Wire-Wrapped Cylinders in the Sub-Critical Reynolds Number Regime
Turbulent Flow in a Rectangular Duct with Roughened Short-Side Walls
Computation of Complex Flows and Heat and Mass Transfer
Numerical Simulation of the 3-D Turbulent Flow Around Buildings
Simulation of Turbulent Flows Around 3-D Structures with Complex Geometries
A Numerical Study on Fully Developed Turbulent Secondary Flows in an Equilateral Triangular Duct by an Anisotropic Low-Reynolds-Number k-ε Model
Comparison of Experimental and Finite Element Solutions of Turbulent Flow Inside a Curved Duct
Numerical Model of Mass Transfer in High Schmidt Number Fluids
Experimental Investigation and Three-Dimensional Calculation of the Steady in-Cylinder Flow Generated by a Helical Port
Mistral Programme: Large Scale Pool Fires - Experimental and Theoretical Results
Numerical Modelling of a Cyclonic Melter as Part of a New Ironmaking Process
Fire in a Road Tunnel
Numerical Simulations of 3-Dimensional Turbulent Flow and Distributions of Solidifying Shell in the Liquid Core of Continuously Cast Thin-Slab