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New Releases Collection

Titles Included in the Series:

Accident Management for NPPS with RBMK Reactors
Acoustic Wave Problems
Analytics for Building-Scale Sustainable Ecosystems
Chemistry and Technology of Oil Refining
Collisions in Particle-Laden Gas Flows
Compendium of Mycotherapy
Handbook of Hydraulic Resistance, 4th Edition Revised and Augmented
Handbook of Molecular Dynamics Potential Functions
Handbook of Tables of Thermodynamic Parameters and Mass Transfer Coefficients of Wet Materials
Handbook of Titanium Based Materials: Thermophysical Properties, Data and Studies
Hypersonic Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer
Inelasticity Variants of the Theory.
Intensification of Heat and Mass Transfer on Macro-, Micro-, and Nanoscales
Nonlinear Wave Mechanics and Technologies
Nuclear Proliferation Risks and the Problem of Reactor-Grade Plutonium
Numerical Simulation of Viscous Perfect Gas Dynamics
Physical Mechanics
Physical Mechanics Laboratory Workshops
Process Heat Transfer
Scientific Principles of Drying Technology
Semi-Empirical Models of Turbulence: Theory and Experiment
The Pharmacy of Healing Mushrooms
Thermal Radiation in Disperse Systems: An Engineering Approach
TsAGI: Russia`s Global Aerospace Research Center. History of the Establishment and Future