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Flexible Automation and Integrated Manufacturing 1999

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Flexible Automation and Integrated Manufacturing 1999


Table of Contents:

Emerging Trends in Manufacturing
The 4th Industrial Revolution and Manufacturing Systems Design (MSD)
Configuration Management: A Foundation for Enterprise Integration
Concept Management: Japan's Tool for Manufacturing Excellence
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) in the Process Industries
Concurrent Engineering
Using Integrated Computer Systems to Facilitate the Next Generation in Manufacturing
CISAL: An Effective Tool to Design Assembly Products and Production Lines
Improvement of Hard Disk Drive Design from an Analysis of Assembly and Disassembly
The Academic Manufacturing System (AMS) and Lean Manufacturing -an Analogy
Enterprise Reengineering
Review of Reverse Engineering Approaches
Technical Intelligence in the Manufacturing of the Future
Optimizing a Metallurgy Process through the Clean Production Technology
An Attribute Scheme of Manufacturing Systems Flexibility
Identification of the Strategic Forces Against Change in Manufacturing Technology Development Processes.
Computer Aided Design
Contribution to Intlligent CAD/CAM System
Visualisation in Engineering Design
Implementation of a CAD/CAM Software for Job Shop Machining Center Work with External Setup Capability
Intelligent Data Generation for the Machining of 2.5D Components
Product and Process Design
Stress Analysis of the Talus
Integrated Design Environment for Extended Manufacturing Enterprises
Product Family and Variants: Definition and Models
The Combination of Customer's Needs and Process Optimisation by the Use of a Variant Configurator for Dynamic Product Definition and Calculation
A Comparative Study of Making Prototypes: NC Machining vs Rapid Prototyping
Computer Aided Design and Analysis of Automobiles Chassis and Suspension
GARP: Genetic Algorithm for Part Packing in a Rapid Prototyping Machine
Design and Management Issues in the Development of New Workshops Using Web-Based Simulation and Neural Networks
Process Planning
Flexible and Dynamic Process Planning: A Petri Net Approach
Intelligent Manufacturing Based on Generation of Alternative Process Plans
A New Approach to CAPP
Interactive Tool for an Optimal Equipment Selection
Design for Assembly
How to Achieve a Breakthrough in Industrialisation of Flexible Assembly Automation?
Study of Driving Signal Forms for Decoupled Vibratory Bowl Feeders
Design for Assembly - The Key to Economic Manufacturing
Fluency Quality, A New Performance Measure for Evaluation of Clustering Techniques in Cellular Manufacturing System Design
Design for Manufacturability: Earlier Integration of Apparel Manufacturing Activities in Product Development
Design of Assembly Line
FlexFactory: An Assembly Process Based Concept for Flexibly Automated Assembly Systems
Similarity Analysis For Assembly Line Balancing
Optimizing the Design of an Assembly Line
Design of Agile Factory Layouts
Optimization of Assembly Paths Through a Quantification of Assembly Difficulty
Cellular Manufacturing
Implementation of a Truly Flexible Assembly Cell
A New Genetic Algorithm for the Machine Grouping Problem with Multiple Objectives
Parallel Fuzzy Clustering of Parts and Machines for Cellular Manufacturing
Application of the Hopfield-Tank Model to Part-Machine Grouping
Dynamic Formation of Extended Manufacturing Cells for Increased System Responsiveness
Design of a Period Batch Control Planning System for Cellular Manufacturing
Formation of Teams in a Multi-Shift Situation
Automated Material Handling
Optimization Tools to Support Automated Material Handling System Design
Simulation Analysis of Multi-Load AGVS
Landmark Configuration for Absolute Positioning of Autonomous Vehicles Error Analysis, Model and Solutions
Using Transfer Batches in Flow Lines with Operator-Based Material Handling
The Impacts of Automated Material Handling Systems on Facility Capacity
A Performability Index for Estimating Material Handling System Reliability
Production Planning
Modeling of Manufacturing Activities for Intelligent Information Integration
Implementation of an Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing Planning System (ETOPLAN)
Multi-Project Rough-Cut Capacity Planning
Pull Type Control Mechanisms and Advance Information on Customer Orders
Queueing I Simulation in Manufacturing
Lumber Yield Estimation Based on the Method of Least Squares
A Queueing Based Analysis of a Packing Line
Adaptive Simulation Systems for Reducing Uncertainty of Predictions
Different Needs for Validation in Manufacturing System Simulation Models
An Open Queueing Model for Flexible Manufacturing Systems with Multiple Part Types and General Purpose Pallets
Scheduling and Control
Enabling Hardware-Based Technologies for Real-Time Simulation and Control of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Generic Concepts for Holonic Manufacturing Control
Methodology to Integrate Simulation in the Development Phase of Shop Floor Systems
Approach to Dynamic Scheduling in FMS
Adaptable Real-Time Scheduling Using Artificial Neural Networks
A Flexible Agent Based Framework for Manufacturing Decision-Making
Flexible Automation and Robotics
Determine the Stresses Associated With Increased Silicon Content in SOIC Packages
An Investigation of the Variation in Punch & Die Geometry, Blank-Holding Pressure, & Drawing Speed in the Deep-Drawing of Cups
Quantifying Robotic Assembly Capability: A Review and a Prospectus
An 'Off-Line' Programming System for Industrial Robots
Design of a 3-D Camera Based on the Synchronised Laser Scanning System
A Computerized Capacitive Sensor System with a Linear Respond
A RGB-Camera Based System for Inspecting Thermal Radiators
A Real-Time Three-Dimensional Product Location System: Overview and Results
A Neural Network Recognition Scheme for Classifying Two and Three-Dimensional Industrial Workpieces Based on the Edge Detection Contour Sequence
Process Control
The Integration of View Planning with Non-Uniform Surface Sampling Techniques for 3D Object Inspection
Design of a Hierarchical Control Strategy Using Reinforcement Learning in a Flexible Assembly Cell
Quality Classification and Process Control of Micro-Spot Laser Welding
Costing and Economics of Automation
Preliminary Cost Modelling for Process Vessels
An Options Approach to Economic Analysis of Flexible Manufacturing System
Optimizing Costs in Industrial Manufacturing Processes Using an Object Oriented Hardware Concept
Controversial Aspect of Applying 'Activity-Based Costing' to Quality Improvement Efforts
Activity Based Management as a Tool of Lean Manufacturing for Capital Investment Analysis
Electronics Manufacturing
An Intelligent Scheduling System for SMT Assembly Lines
Decision Support for the Alternative Assembly and Reflow Technology Process S.
'Optimization' of the Stencil Printing of Adhesives Using a Plastic Stencil
Design for Manufacturing Across the Supply Chain in the Printed Circuit Board Industry
Semiconductor Extended Enterprise Optimization from Make or Buy Perspective
Information Technology in Manufacturing
A Java Based Communication Architecture for Agile Manufacturing Systems
Designing Effective Manufacturing Execution Systems
Data Base with Open Architecture for Defining Manufacturing System Capabilities
The Millinum Bug: Evaluation and Solution
Maintenance and Total Quality Management
A Practical Approach to Maintenance Modelling
Implementing Kanban Concept in Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Scheduling at Telecommunication Service Company - Indonesia
TPM: Common Sense, But is it Common Practice?
Warranties For Second-Hand Products
Performance Measures for World Class Maintenance
Design Problem Complexity Reduction in Quality Function Deployment
Is ISO Certification, TQM and SPC Practical for a Small Manufacturer?
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