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Compact Heat Exchangers for the Process Industries

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Compact Heat Exchangers for the Process Industries

Ramesh K. Shah
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY; and Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems, Lockport, NY

Kenneth J. Bell
School of Chemical Engineering, Oklahoma State University Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078, U.S.A.

V.V. Wadekar
Retired Consultant

Sadanari Mochizuki
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, 2-24-16, Naka-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo 184, JAPAN


Compact Heat Exchangers (CHEs) are characterized by large heat transfer area per unit volume of exchanger, resulting in reduced space, weight, and usually reduced energy requirements and cost compared to conventional designs. The objectives of this conference were to identify existing forms of CHEs with their potential use and benefits, to identify the new forms of CHEs, and to identify and discuss barriers and critical issues preventing the broader use of CHEs for the process industry applications. This specialized collection of papers represents a focused attention to the use of CHEs in the process industries. It also indicates that there are enormous opportunities for CHEs in the process industries.

598 pages, © 1997

Table of Contents:

Invited Lectures
Plate Heat Exchangers: A Compact Heat Exchanger Technology
Compact Heat Exchangers in the Automobile Industry
Process Intensification: Opportunities for Exploiting Compact Heat Exchangers
Process Industry Heat Exchangers - Operations, Problems and Needs
Particular and Special Requirements, Operational and Economic Considerations, for Application of Compact Heat Exchangers in the Petroleum Process Industry
Operational and Economic Considerations for Process Industry Heat Exchangers
So What’s Wrong with a Shell & Tube Exchanger? Obstacles to the Use of Compact Exchangers in the Process Industries
The Thermal Design and Rating of Multistream Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers
Condensation in Extended Surfaces and Small Hydraulic Diameter Channels
Modern Problem in Creating Compact Tubular Heat Exchangers
Modeling and Designing Compact Heat Exchangers
The Application of the Compact Heat Exchangers for the Latent Heat Recovery from the Combustion Waste Gas
Gas-side Fouling in Compact Heat Exchangers
Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers
Aluminum Brazed Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers for Process Industries
Plate-Fin Type Heat Exchangers for Industrial Process Application
A Compact Ceramic Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger for Gas Turbine Heat Recovery
Direct-Sizing and Step-wise Rating of Compact Heat Exchangers
Plate-Fin Condenser for Condensation of Low Pressure Steam in the Presence of Noncondensable Gases
Analysis of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in Compact Heat Exchangers by Pseudo-Direct Numerical Simulation
Tube-Fin Exchangers
Global and Local Heat Transfer and Flow Losses in Fin-Tube Heat Exchangers with and without Vortex Generators
Air Condensation in Plate Finned-Tube Heat Exchangers: A Numerical Model and an Experimental Set-Up
Plate Heat Exchangers
The Comparison of PHE Performance for Different Configurations
Enhancement of Heat Transfer in a Plate Heat Exchanger by Turbulence Promoters
Prediction of Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer in Chevron-Type Plate-and-Frame Heat Exchangers
Use of Electronic Descaling Technology to Control Precipitation Fouling in Plate-and-Frame Heat Exchangers
Other Heat Exchangers
Process Intensification: Effect of the Angle of Cross Corrugation in a Cross Corrugated Polymer Film Compact Heat Exchanger
Helifin Heat Exchanger
Two-Phase Flow
Capillary Controlled Two-Phase Flow in a Rectangular Channel
Investigation of Development Dynamics for Semi-infinite and Local Sites of Film Regime Boiling
Influence of the Flow Pattern on the Wall Shear Stress Inside Corrugated Channel
Heat Transfer and Two-Phase Flow Characteristics during Convective Boiling in a Corrugated Channel
The Two-Phase Compact Heat Exchanger Calculations and Construction Problems
Microscale Flow Visualization of Nucleate Boiling in Small Channels: Mechanisms Influencing Heat Transfer
A Correlation for Nucleate Flow Boiling in Small Channels
Experimental Techniques for Obtaining Design Data of Compact Heat Exchanger Surfaces
Extended Temperature Oscillation Measurement Technique for Heat Transfer and Axial Dispersion Coefficients
Determination of Axial Dispersion Coefficients in Plate Heat Exchangers Using Residence Time Measurements
Assessing the Uncertainty of Thermal Performance Measurements of Industrial Heat Exchangers
Theory and Design Data
Theoretical Investigation on Cross-Flow Heat Exchangers with Axial Dispersion in One Fluid
The Combined Effects of Wall Longitudinal Heat Conduction and Inlet Flow Nonuniformity in Compact Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers - A Finite Element Method
Heat Transfer and Flow Friction Performance of Mesh Finned Heat Exchanger
Heat Transfer Enhancement
Heat Transfer Enhancement and Flow-Drag Reduction of Forced Convection in Circular Tubes by Means of Wire Coil Insert
Development of Transversely Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Design for Efficiency Enhancement
Design Considerations for a Thermophotovoltaic Energy Converter Using Heat Pipe Radiators
Development of Heat Exchanger for Air Conditioner
Compact Heat Exchangers for Heat Recovery in an Aluminium Plant
The Irreversibility Minimization Criterion Applied to Compact Heat Exchanger Passages
Optimizatin of a Steam Generation Surface Microstructure for Minimum Dimensions of the Heat Exchanger
The Advanced Algorithms for the Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger’s Recovery Systems Design
Application of High-Frequency Acoustic-Vortex Auto-Oscillations of Gaseous Flow to the Increase of Heat Exchanger Efficiency: Heat Transfer Intensification and Prevention of Frost Formation
Investigation of Operation Process Stability in Heat Exchangers
Dephlegmator for Ethylene Plant - Modeling of Dephlegmation
Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Channels and Effective Choice of Heat Transfer Surface for Heat Exchangers
Investigation of Heat Exchanger with a Heat Carrier Intrachannel Transpiration
Experimental Study of the Sublimation Process in Porous Media
The Electric Tubular Heat Exchanger for Fluids Heating
Studies of Hydrodynamics and Heat Exchange in Channels of Heat Exchangers on Base of High-Porous Materials
On the Effects of Streamwise Vortices on Wall Heat Transfer
Welded and Totally Accessible Advanced Plate Heat Exchanger: The Choice for Integration of Compact Exchanger
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