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Energy and Environment, 1995

ISBN Print: 1-56700-052-5



This paper present a new refrigeration/heat pump convertible unit system of continuos capacity control with non-azeotropic refrigerant mixtures (NARMs), the concentration of the NARMs in the system can be changed by the changing-over of the valves according to the variation of the outdoor ambient temperature (or the temperature of either indoor air or return water) to match the refrigerating or heating capacity to the consumer's cooling or heating load curve to maintain the indoor temperature at the intended value when the system is used for refrigeration or heat pump cycle respectively. Owing to this regulating characteristic, i.e., the intrinsic problem of the working mixtures, one of the biggest problems blocking the application of NARMs in the reverse cycles, can be readily solved in this system and a further step for the practical use of NARMs in the reverse cycles is made. The new system, which is simple in structure, convenient to operate, and economical in running for its less energetic losses, is indeed an ideal one of the capacity control systems and is especially favorable for yearly air-conditioning projects.
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