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Duodenal Antifatigue Hormonal Factor

978-1-56700-155-6 (Print)
978-1-56700-361-1 (Online)

Duodenal Antifatigue Hormonal Factor

Yu. Rafes
Ukrainian Research Center of Gastroenterology, Khar’kov, Ukraine


The author presents a problem of a fatigue syndrome from a new point of view. As a result of him conducting over twenty years of research on farm and laboratory animals and patients in the clinic, it was possible to bring to light the real mechanism of a close connection between digestion and fatigue, which has been observed for centuries.

118 pages, © 2001

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Food (Digestion) and Fatigue
Chapter 2. Protecting Role of Duodenal Hormonal Factor from Dumping Syndrome
Chapter 3. Duodenal Hormonal Factor and Fatigue Syndrome