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HYSYDAYS<br>1st World Congress of Young Scientists on Hydrogen Energy Systems

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Fabrizio Zuccari
CIRPS − University of Rome "La Sapienza" Via Eudossina 18 00184 − Rome, Italy


The "Citta del Divertimento" of Rome - in Valmontone, Italy − is a tourist pole including recreational Town (with a theme park), a golf court, a congress and tourist centre, several hotels and a factory outlet.
In the first step of this work we have analysed all kind of tourist pole energy needs (including the mobility energy needs) with their related load diagrams for each single period. In the second step we have analysed the available renewable energy sources; according to the result of the energy needs and available renewable energy sources analysis, we have studied the possible technology solution both the energy use (mobility, conditioning, etc) and heat, electricity and hydrogen production. In the last step we have calculated the sustainability rate of the tourist pole by renewable energy sources.
We have considered tow scenarios: short time scenario and medium time scenario. In the first one we have considered only the technologies commercially available at the present and the current efficiency. In the medium term scenario, we have considered also the application of the technologies in the demonstration phase at the present, end the possible efficiency increase of the other technologies.
The relevant results of the study are the following: the tourist pole is a high density energy consumption area. However, in the short term scenario it is possible to obtain a good sustainability rate, and in the medium term scenario it is possible to obtain the total self sustainability rate of the tourist pole by renewable energy sources.