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Heat and Mass Transfer Australasia

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Heat and Mass Transfer Australasia

Chakravarti V. Madhusudana
School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney 2052 Australia


The Australasian Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, held in Sydney in December 1996, is the sixth in an ongoing series. The Conference was held in honor of Emeritus Professor Graham de Vahl Davis, to celebrate his significant contribution to the understanding of natural convection, and his pioneering and continuing work in developing computational techniques for research in heat and mass transfer. These proceedings contain the text of six invited keynote papers and 63 contributed papers. The papers have been organized 12 sections, preceded by a keynote paper.

596 pages, © 1998

Table of Contents:

Organizing Committee
Unnatural Natural Convection
The Structure of Asymptotically Unsteady Natural Convective Flows in a Cavity with Cooled Ceiling Panel and a Heated Central Body
Design of Experimental Apparatus for the Measurement of Overall Heat Transfer Rates for Internal Natural Convection in Gas-Vapour Mixtures
Coupled Conduction-Convection Problem for a Substrate-Mounted Three Chips in a Three Dimensional Enclosure
Natural Convective Heat Transfer from a Pair of Vertical Parallel Plates to an Isothermal Enclosure
The Effect of Humidity on Natural Convection in Vertial Air Filled Cavities
Natural Convection in an Enclosure with Localised Heating and Cooling: Comparison of Flow Element Analysis and Experiments
Three-Dimensional Natural Convection in a Horizontal Cylinder
Numerical Simulation of Buoyancy Induced Flows in Sealed Rotating Cavities
On the Thermal Stability of a Flow Beneath a Rigid Insulating Wall with a Longitudinal Temperature Gradient
Three-Dimensional Patterns in the Intrusion Flow of a Side-Heated Cavity
A Dual Grid Method for Radiation and Convection in an Enclosure
Annular Free Convection Heat Exchanger for Solar Water Heating Systems
Effect of Large Viscosity Variation on Heat Transfer in Rayleigh-Benard Convection
Conduction and Joint Thermal Conductance
Thermal Contact Conductance of Coatings and Films
Comparison of Two Space Marching Solutions to the Inverse Heat Conduction Problem for a Temperature Probe Application
Design and Fabrication of a Rig for Measuring Thermal Contact Conductance
Two-Dimensional Coupled Conduction-Convection Problem for an Underground Circular Duct Containing an Insulating Cable
Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Metallic Interstitial Materials on Thermal Contact Conductance
Combustion Heat Transfer
Heat and Mass Transfer in Turbulent Combustion
Large Eddy Simulation of Combustion Systems
Computation of Turbulent Combusting Flows
Heat Transfer in Fires
Transport Phenomena in Highly Turbulent Flames
A Numerical Model for Horizontal Flame Spread over Combustible Solid Fuels
An Integral Model for Piloted Ignition of Wet Wood
Heat and Mass Transfer During Piloted Ignition of Wood
A Simple Radiation Heat Transfer Model for Prediction of Fire Growth
Effects of Air-Handling System on Fire Spread in a Full-Scale Building
Extinguishment of Burning Solid Materials by a Water Spray
Thermophysical Properties for a Three-dimensional Prylosis Model for Wood
The Erosion of Thermally Stratified Fluid by Buoyant Jets
Extinction of Diffusion Flames by Ultrafine Water Mist Doped with Metal Chlorides
Heat Transfer in Engines
A Method for Performance Calculations of Small Radial Gas Turbine
A Comparison of Turbulent Manifold Flow With and Without Turbocharging
Heat Transfer in Two Phase Flow
Numerical Modelling of Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
Two-Phase Flow Regimes in Horizontal Channels of Rectangular Cross-Section
Three-Dimensional Instabilities in Heated Falling Films: A Full-Scale Direct Numerical Simulation
Phase Change Phenomena in a Heat Pipe Evaporator
Dependence of Temperature on Surface Tension and Shape of Droplet on a Horizontal Flat Plate
A Numerical Study on the Motion of a Viscous Bubble Towards a Gas-Fluid Interface
The Thermodynamic Process and Heat Transfer of a Pulsating Bubble in a Liquid
Heat Transfer Modelling of Submerged Gas Injection into a Molten Metal Bath
Environmental Heat Transfer
Effect of Vegetation on the Thermal Climate: A Case Study
Study of the Heating and Evaporation Processes in the Urban Canopy Layer Based on a LES Model
Heat Exchangers
Secondary Flow Effects and the Performance of a Heat Exchanger with a Streamwise Curvature
Use of Exergy Costing in Condenser Monitoring
Adsorber-Regenerators: Numerical Models of the Influence of Localised Heat Loss
Heat and Mass Transfer in Drying
Recent Developments in the Understanding of Wood Drying: An Australasian View
Spray Drying Pharmaceutical Products for Nasal Delivery: The Effects of Feed Solution Properties and Operating Conditions on Particle Size and Density
An Evaluation of the Relative Ease of Operation for Cocurrent and Countercurrent Dryers
Experimental Heat Transfer
Optical Measurement of Temperature Using TLC (thermochromic liquid crystal) and Interferential Filters
A Technique for Measuring Product Heat Load During Beef Chilling
Heat Transfer Investigation of Compact Plate Heat Exchangers Using Flow Visualization
Wind Tunnel Studies of Methods to Reduce Wind-Induced Cooling Tower Performance Losses
Turbulence Modulation by Particles in Models of Flash Furnace Jets
Developed Pipe Flow Heat and Mass Transfer: Simple Equations Based on a Simplified Eddy Drag Model of Turbulence
A Spectral Model for Inhomogeneous Turbulence Applied to the Prediction of Turbulent Heat Flux and Temperature Spectra
Net Vapour Generation Onset During High Velocity Subcooled Boiling Flow: A Simple Turbulence-Based Prediction Model
Spectral Similarity Between Small Scale Turbulent Temperature and Velocity Fluctuations
Experimental Characterisation of Air Impingement Cooling in a Cylindrical Cavity
Heat Transfer in a Three-Dimensional Turbulent Boundary Layer Flows with Longitudinal Vortices
General Papers in Heat and Mass Transfer
General Papers in Heat and Mass Transfer Jet Impingement: Transport Phenomena
Numerical Investigations for the Viscous Laminar Flow Near a Semi-Porous Slider
Analysis of Influence of Leading Away the Heat from the Prosthetic Appliances Upon the Feeling of Their Users
A Parametric Study on PCM Annular Storage Unit with Alternate Fins
Effect of Heat and Mass Transfer on the Performance of Paper Making Machines
A Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Study of Light Alloy Solidification in a Permanent Composite Mould
Recent Heat Transfer Research Topics in Japan
On the Chemical Inhibition of Flames
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