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Numerical Problems in Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Chemical Engineering Processes

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Numerical Problems in Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Chemical Engineering Processes

Stanislaw Wronski
Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, ul. Warynskiego 1, 00-645 Warszawa, Poland

Ryszard Pohorecki
Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, 00-645 Warsaw, ul. Warynskiego 1, Poland

Jacek Siwinski
Warsaw Technical University, Warsaw, Poland


This book was prepared in conjunction with the forthcoming book by the same authors, Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Chemical Engineering Processes. Both books were conceived as links between basic subjects such as mathematics, physics, physical chemistry, and fluid mechanics, and process calculations forming the final stage of chemical engineering education. An understanding of the underlying principles and methods of solution is emphasized, rather than purely computational skills.

415 pages, © 1998

Table of Contents:

I. General Thermodynamics
1. Overall energy balance of a process
2. Energy balance of a non-stationary process
3. Energy balance for a reacting system
4. Isothermal gas flow through a pipe
5. Gas outflow through a leak
6. Work loss in an irreversible process
7. Entropy balance
8. Irreversible cooling of gas
9. Irreversible heat transfer
10. Gas compression
11. Two-stage gas compression
12. Steam power cycle
13. Refrigeration cycle
14. Transformation of thermodynamics relationships
15. Variation of the thermodynamic functions of gas during its expansion
16. Determination of the Joule-Thomson coefficient
II. Properties of Gases and Liquids
1. Gas density at a high pressure
2. Density of gaseous mixture at a high pressure
3. Density of a liquid
4. Liquid density at a high pressure
5. Converting the values of liquid density to other conditions
6. Determination of the thermodynamic functions of a real gas
7. Gas viscosity
8. Gas viscosity under a high pressure
9. Viscosity of a gaseous mixture
10. Viscosity of a liquid solution
11. Thermal conductivity of a gas
12. Thermal conductivity of a gas mixture
13. Diffusivity of a component in a two-component gaseous mixture
14. Diffusivity of a component in a multicomponent gaseous mixture
15. Diffusivity of a component in a liquid solution
16. Gas fugacity
III. Determination of the Equilibria
1. Vapor-liquid equilibrium in a perfect system
2. Vapor-liquid equilibrium in a real system
3. Vapor-liquid equilibrium in a system with heteroazeotropy
4. Absorption equilibrium
5. Absorption equilibrium at an elevated pressure
6. Enthalpy diagram for a liquid-vapor system
7. Liquid-liquid equilibrium - interpolation of the tie-lines
8. Calculation of the liquid-liquid equilibrium
9. Adsorption equilibrium
10. Determination of the specific surface by adsorption (BET) method
11. Enthalpy diagram for crystallization
12. Crystallization equilibrium - a freezing mixture
13. Enthalpy diagram for humid air
14. Enthalpy diagram for humid air - mixing of air with steam
15. Calculation of a desublimation process
16. Condensation at adiabatic expansion
17. Equilibrium conversion for a chemical reaction in a gaseous system
18. Equilibrium chemical conversion in a gaseous system under high pressure
IV. Momentum Transfer
1. Laminar liquid flow
2. Liquid film flow along the wall
3. Concurrent flow of two fluids in a closed channel
4. Flow in an open channel
5. Film flow of non-Newtonian fluid
6. Pipe flow of a Bingham fluid
7. Kinetic energy of a Bingham fluid in a laminar flow
8. Pipe flow of a pseudoplastic fluid
9. Couette flow
10. Flow in a laminar boundary layer
11. Flow in a turbulent boundary layer
12. Boundary layer in a pipe
13. Liquid outflow from a nozzle
14. Free settling of solids in liquid
15. Hindered settling
16. Liquid rising in a capillary tube
17. Gas flow through a packed particulate bed
18. Flow of a non-Newtonian fluid through a packed bed
19. Gas bubbles flow
V. Energy Transfer
1. Convection and conduction with internal heat sources
2. Heat transfer in a laminar flow
3. Heat transfer in a non-Newtonian flow in a pipe
4. Dissipative effects for flow in a gap
5. Heat transfer in high viscosity fluid flow
6. Film flow at non-isothermal conditions
7. Heat convection with internal energy sources
8. Heat transfer in turbulent flow of non-Newtonian fluid
9. Heat transfer during settling of a solid particle
10. Heat transfer in fluidized bed conveyer
11. Solidification of a liquid layer
12. Drop solidification
VI. Mass Transfer
A. Molecular Diffusion
1. Diffusion through a stagnant gas layer
2. Effect of pressure on diffusion rate in gas
3. Diffusion through a wall in a cylindrical tube
4. Unsteady-state diffusion in a sphere
5. Unsteady-state diffusion in a semi-infinite layer
6. Unsteady-state diffusion in a layer with a finite thickness
7. Evaporation through a protective layer
8. Diffusive mixing of solutions
9. Diffusive mixing of gases
10. Diffusion in anisotropic materials
11. Thermodiffusion
B. Mass Transfer in Simple Systems
12. Mass transfer for flow over a plate
13. Mass transfer into the liquid falling film flow
14. Mass transfer in a laminar tube flow
15. Mass transfer in non-Newtonian fluid
16. Mass transfer with chemical reaction
17. Mass transfer to the boundary layer with chemical reaction
18. Mass transfer in a turbulent flow
19. Mass transfer in a column with wetted walls
C. Mass Transfer in Dispersed Systems
20. Mass transfer to falling drops
21. Mass transfer to drops during the extraction process
22. Drop evaporation
23. Mass transfer during two-phase flow through a packed bed
24. Mass transfer in gas phase during flow through a packed bed
25. Mass transfer in a packed bed absorber
26. Mass transfer in a distillation column
27. Effect of dispersion on mass transfer in a particulate bed
D. Simultaneous Energy and Mass Transfer
28. Diffusion under nonisothermal conditions
29. Determination of a solvent vapor concentration based on psychrometric measurements
30. Vapor condensation in the presence of an inert gas
31. Energy transfer in a reacting fluid
E. Kinetics of Chemical Processes
32. Kinetics of reversible reactions
33. Kinetics of consecutive reactions
34. Mass transfer with an instantaneous chemical reaction
35. Mass transfer with a first order chemical reaction
36. Absorption with chemical reaction during bubbling
37. Absorption with chemical reaction in a packed column
38. Solid dissolution with chemical reaction
39. Kinetics of heterogeneous reaction
40. Combustion of solid particles
41. Reaction kinetics on a solid catalyst
42. Effectiveness factor of a catalyst surface
Main complementary sources
I. Monographs
II. Properties of substances
III. Equilibrium data
A. Equation tables
B. Numerical tables
C. Diagrams
D. Index