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Handbook of Hydraulic Resistance, 4th Edition Revised and Augmented

978-1-56700-251-5 (Print)
978-1-56700-340-6 (Online)

Handbook of Hydraulic Resistance, 4th Edition Revised and Augmented

I. E. Idelchik
Research Institute for Gas Purification, Moscow, Russia


Resistance to flow is an important engineering subject; it is applicable to every branch of engineering where flows of liquids and gases take place. The importance of exact and true values of flow resistance is, primarily, a question of determining the pumping − or power − requirements for any apparatus or, eventually, for the entire plant involved in the motion of fluid. Needless to say, energy requirements are equivalent to the size of the funding capital, or operational, costs and are therefore of prime importance to the practice of engineering. In the present, 4th, edition all the errors and misprints that were found in the Russian and English versions of the previous editions have been corrected, and new sections have been written for almost all the chapters of the Handbook. The use of this Handbook can easily be likened to the use of an illustrated catalog. Various pieces of equipment and flow components, including fittings and even entire systems, have been assembled in separate chapters and catalogued, using illustrations, graphs, and tabular data.

861 pages, © 2008

Table of Contents:

Editor’s Preface
Preface to the English Edition
Preface to the Second Russian Edition
Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Fourth Edition
Useful Conversions of Units
Reader’s Guide and Introduction
1. General Information and Elements of Aerodynamics and Hydraulics of Pressure Systems
2. Resistance to Flow in Straight Tubes and Conduits: Friction Coefficients and Roughness
3. Resistance to Flow at the Entrance into Tubes and Conduits: Resistance Coefficients of Inlet Sections
4. Resistance to Flow through Orifices with Sudden Change in Velocity and Flow Area: Resistance Coefficients of Sections with Sudden Expansion, Sudden Contraction, Orifices, Diaphragms, and Apertures
5. Resistance to Flow with a Smooth Change in Velocity: Resistance Coefficients of Diffusers and Converging and Other Transition Sections
6. Resistance to Flow with Changes of the Stream Direction: Resistance Coefficients of Curved Segments — Elbows, Bends, etc.
7. Resistance in the Cases of Merging of Flow Streams and Division into Flow Streams: Resistance Coefficients of Wyes, Tees, and Manifolds
8. Resistance to Flow through Barriers Uniformly Distributed Over the Channel Cross Section: Resistance Coefficients of Grids, Screens, Porous Layers, and Packings
9. Resistance to Flow through Pipe Fittings and Labyrinth Seals: Resistance Coefficients of Throttling Devices, Valves, Plugs, Labyrinth Seals, and Compensators
10. Resistance to Flow Past Obstructions in a Tube: Resistance Coefficients of Sections with Protuberances, Trusses, Girders, and Other Shapes
11. Resistance to Flow at the Exit from Tubes and Channels: Resistance Coefficients of Exit Sections
12. Resistance to Flow through Various Types of Apparatus: Resistance Coefficients of Apparatus and Other Equipment