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Classics Collection

Titles Included in the Series:

An Introduction to Modern Anistropic Elasticity
Binary Diffusion Coefficients of Liquid Vapors in Gases
Constants of Inorganic Substances
Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in an Insulated Trailing Swirl
Deterministic and Probabilistic Structural Integrity Analysis of the Reinforced Concrete Structures
Duodenal Antifatigue Hormonal Factor
Dynamics of Two-Phase Flows
Effect of Body Forces on Turbulent Heat Transfer Channels
Efficient Surfaces for Heat Exchangers. Fundamentals and Design
Electrolytes: Equilibria in Solutions and Phase Equilibria
Electrolytes: Interparticle Interactions
Electrolytes: Methods for Calculation of the Physicochemical Parameters of Multicomponent Systems
Electrolytes: Properties of Solutions
Electrolytes: Transport Phenomena
Electrophysical Properties of Semiconductors
Extreme Methods for Solving Ill-Posed Problems with Applications to Inverse Heat Transfer Problems
Fluorine Calorimetry
Graphs of Elementary and Special Functions Handbook
Handbook of Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials at a Complex Stress State
Handbook of Photochemistry of Organic Radicals
Handbook of Physical Properties of Liquids and Gases
Handbook of Thermodynamic Tables
Heat and Mass Transfer in Chemical Process Industry Accidents
Heat and Mass Transfer in Severe Nuclear Reactor Accidents
Heat and Mass Transfer under Plasma Conditions
Heat Exchangers : A Practical Approach to Mechanical Construction, Design, and Calculations
Heat Transfer and Hydrodynamics in Gas-Cooled Fuel Rod Assemblies
Heat Transfer Augmentation in Gas-Cooled Channels
Heat Transfer Practice with Organic Media
Hemodynamic Basis of Atherosclerosis
Hydrodynamics: Examples and Problems
Imaging in Transport Processes
Laser Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics
Magnetic Fluids and Applications Handbook
Measurement Of Thermophysical Properties by Laminar Flow Methods
Mechanics of Liquids and Gases
Modelling of Thermal Hydraulic Transient Processes in Nuclear Power Plants: Ignalina Compartments
Moist Gases: Thermodynamic Properties
Molecular and Microscale Heat Transfer
Momentum and Heat Transfer in Turbulent Gas-Solid Flows
Non-Intrusive Combustion Diagnostics
Numerical Problems in Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Chemical Engineering Processes
Physical Kinetics and Transfer Processes in Phase Transitions
Physical Quantities and the Units of the International System (SI)
Plasticity and Elasticity of Cryocrystals
Power Systems of East European Countries
Process, Enhanced, and Multiphase Heat Transfer
Quality, Sustainability and Indicators of Energy Systems
Radiation Heat Transfer in Disperse Systems
Radiodiagnosis of Endophytic Gastric Cancer
Reactivity of Inorganic Substances: Revised and Augmented Edition
Russian Petroleum Refinery Handbook
Russian-English Dictionary of Scientific and Engineering Terms
Scale-up Engineering
Spectroscopic Constants of Atoms and Ions: Spectra of Atoms with One or Two Electrons
Structure and Thermodynamic Properties of Cryocrystals Handbook
The Physics of Composite Superconductors
Thermal Properties of Electrolyte Solutions: Methods for Calculation of Multicomponent Systems and Experimental Data
Thermochemical and Thermodynamic Properties of Organometallic Compounds
Thermodynamic Properties of Butane
Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids and Fluid Mixtures
Thermophysical Properties of Organosilicon Compounds
Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer 1
Vibrations of Tubes in Heat Exchangers
Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of Individual Substances in the Critical Region
Wave Flow of Liquid Films