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Heat Pipe Technology: Volume 1.  Fundamentals and Experimental Studies.

0-8493-9921-1 (Print)

Heat Pipe Technology: Volume 1. Fundamentals and Experimental Studies.

Leonid L. Vasiliev, Jr.
Byelorussian Academy of Sciences; and Luikov Heat & Mass Transfer Institute, Porous Media Laboratory, P. Brovka Str. 15, 220072 Minsk, Belarus


These two volumes consist of more than 100 papers presented at the 7th International Heat Pipe Conference in Minsk. The heat pipe is one of the remarkable achievements of thermal physics and heat transfer engineering in this century because of its unique ability to transfer heat over large distances without considerable losses. The main applications of heat pipes deal with the problems of environmental protection and energy and fuel savings. The papers published here cover basic processes and fundamentals, theoretical and experimental studies of heat pipes and thermosyphons, materials problems and heat pipe technology, and include commercial, scientific and space applications.

1213 pages, © 1993

Table of Contents:

Committee on International Heat Pipe Conferences
Heat and Mass Transfer with Phase Change in Capillary-Porous Bodies
Analysis of an Evaporating Meniscus in a Triangular Grove
Condensation Heat Transfer of a Vapour How on the Solid Surface in the Heat Pipe
Transient Analysis of Heat Pipes
Mechanism of Vapor Phase Propagation at Boiling inside the Heat Pipe Wick
Condensate Film Thickness Measurement in Closed Two-Phase Thermosyphons
An Investigation of Lead Heat Pipes
Thermal Conditions on the External Surface of a Porous Coating during Boiling
Analytical and Experimental Investigations of Micro Heat Pipes
An Investigation of Influence of Hysteresis on Heat and Mass Transfer in Unsaturated Porous Medium
Determination of Flow Parameters in High-Temperature Coaxial Heat Pipes by Numerical Solution of Navier-Stokes Equations
Flooding and Buffer Gas Entrainment in Heat Pipes
A Synthesis of Heat Pipes
Heat Transfer in the Liquid Evaporation Process on Grooved Capillary structures
Heat Transfer and Limiting Heat Fluxes at Vaporization in Construction Capillary-Porous Structures of Heat Pipes
Evaporation and Heat Transfer Theory in Heat Pipes and Thermosyphons
Mathematical Simulation of Liquid Condensation Process in Heat Pipes with Axial Grooves
Experimental Studies of Two-Phase Flow in Open Thermosyphons
Experimental Research on Pool Boiling Heat Transfer from a Spraying Porous Surface
Adsorbtion Cooling and Heat Pumps
Phenomenological Analysis of Boiling Heat Transfer within the Liquid Pool of a Two-Phase Closed Thermosiphon
Analysis of Condensation in Small Cross Sectional Thermosyphons
Analysis and Calculation of Condensation Heat Transfer Procedure of Two-Phase Closed Thermosyphon
Boiling in Heat Pipe Evaporator Wick Structures
Transient Behavior of Two-Phase Thermosyphons
Effects of High Interfacial Shear Stress due to Countercurrent Vapor Flow on Film Condensation Heat Transfer
Heat Transfer Characteristics of a parallel rotating heat pipe
Heat Transfer in Rotating Heat Pipes
Development and Application of Micro Heat Pipes
Ascending Flow Conditions of Liquid Film and Vapor Flow in Vertical Annular Channels of Thermosyphons
Condensation Heat Transfer in Vertical Two-Phase Closed Thermosyphon
The Study on the Strength of Pulse Boiling in Thermosyphon
Fabrication and Testing of Bendable Cryogenic Heat Pipes
Investigation of the Evaporation Heat Transfer in the Rotating Heat Pipes
An Improved Algorithm for the Modeling of Vapor Flow in Heat Pipes
Performance Limitation in Closed Two-Phase Thermosyphons with Cross-Over Flow Separators
Performance Characteristics of Cryogenic Two-Phase Thermosyphons
Application of Ultrasonic Capillary Effect in Elements of Power Optics Cooled by Means of a Heat Pipe
Development of Two-Phase Cold Plate
Electroconvection in Heat Pipe Applications
Heat Transfer Characteristics of Super Heat Pipes
Modelling and Analysis of Flat Plate Heat Pipe with Sintered Wick
Effect of Inclination on the Performance of Rotating Heat Pipes
Analysis for Sequential Temperature Control of Variable Conductance Heat Pipes
Investigation of the Semi-Closed Two-Phase Thermosyphon
Investigation of the Dry-out Limit in Evaporator of the Separate Type Heat Pipe
Characteristics of a Heat Pipe with Carbon Fiber Wick
Depriming of Arterial Gas-Controlled Heat Pipes
Cooling Hypersonic Vehicle Structures
Investigation of Effect of Inclination Angle on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Closed Two-Phase Thermosyphon
Analytical and Experimental Study of Operating Characteristics of Low-Temperature Variable Thermal Resistance Heat Pipes
Capillary Pumping in Sodium Heat Pipes
Low-Temperature Heat Pipes with Arteries
Electrohydrodynamic Heat Pipes
The Enhancing Heat Transfer of Heat Pipes by Electric Field
Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer in Large Scale Separate Type Heat Pipe
Experimental Investigation on a Heat Pipe with Carbon Fiber Wick
Modelling of Two Phase Closed Thermosyphon with Emphasis on Working Fluids and Operating Limits
Analysis of a Gas Controlled Heat Pipe with a Feedback
Application of Heat Pipes to Decay Heat Removal Systems in Next Generation Reactors