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Radiodiagnosis of Endophytic Gastric Cancer

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Radiodiagnosis of Endophytic Gastric Cancer


Based on the study of more than 2000 cases of endophytic cancer, among which early carcinoma was 25%, the authors propose an original approach to the detection of such cancers. Their concept is based on a study of the morphology substrate of early endophytic infiltrative carcinomas. Maximum radiology and endoscopic imaging of carcinomatous infiltration in the stomach wall is presented as a factor of paramount importance in the estimation of pathomorphologic changes.
"The book is based on the study of more than two thousand cases of gastric cancer and is the result of close collaboration of radiologists, endoscopists, surgeons and pathologists...beautifully illustrated...provides a wealth of information ...." - Radiology

191 pages, © 1995

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Radiology in Gastric Oncology: the Historical Aspect and the Present Status
Chapter 2. Pathogenetic and Morphologic Principles of Radiodiagnosis of Endophytic Gastric Cancer
Chapter 3. Role of Clinical Symptoms in Detection of Endophytic Gastric Cancer
Chapter 4. X-ray Diagnosis of Endophytic Gastric Cancer
Do New Possibilities Imply New Roentgenology?
Initial Manifestations of Endophytic Cancer
Differential Diagnosis of Endophytic Ulcerative Cancer and Benign Ulcer
Some Problems of X-ray Diagnosis of Endophytic Cancer of Various Localizations
Greater Curvature
Anterior Wall
Prepyloric Part
Upper Parts of the Stomach and the Cardia
Chapter 5. Important Problems of Endoscopic Detection of Endophytic Gastric Cancer
Chapter 6. X-ray Computed Tomography
Chapter 7. Ultrasonographic Examinations
Chapter 8. Economic Problems of Detection of Gastric Cancer
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