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ICLASS 97<br>Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems

89-950039-2-8 (Print)

Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems


Interest and activity in research and development in the fields of atomization and sprays are increasing dramatically. At this conference, 170 abstracts were submitted from 20 different countries, collecting important research in basic atomization, fuel injection, measurement techniques, modeling of sprays, twin-fluid atomization, process/industry applications, spray combustion, and other areas of interest.

1159 pages (2 volumes), © 1997

Table of Contents:

Tuesday, August 19, 1997
LDA Based Optical Particle Sizing of Spherical and Irregular Shape
Basic Atomization (I)
Investigation of a Liquid Jet in a Subsonic Cross-Flow
Determining Factor for the Atomization of a High-Speed Liquid Jet
The Effect of Gas Property on Atomization Features of Dissolved Gas Jet
Study on Disintegration Mechanism of Liquids
Basic Atomization (II)
Behavior of Fuel Film on a Wall at Fuel Spray Impinging
Black Liquor Sheet Breakup Mechanisms and the Effect on Drop Size
Liquid Atomization Due to Laminar-Turbulent Transition of a Free Liquid Film Flow
Experimental Study of the Near Field of a Breaking Liquid Sheet
Atomization Characteristics of Swirled Annular Liquid Sheets
Basic Atomization (III)
Study on the Disintegration of Thin Liquid Sheets
Determination of Instability Scales on a Liquid Jet through an Image Analysis Method
Hydrodynamic Instability of Axisymmetrical Liquid Sheets
Use of the Theory of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems to Study the Growth of Perturbations in an Excited Water Jet
Experimental Investigation of a Polydispersed Water Spray Impinging on a Conical Surface
Fuel Injection (I)
2MW Diesel Fuel Oil & Water Spray Characteristics - a Comparison
Improvement of Spray Characteristics in N2 Gas and Liquefied CO2 Dissolved Diesel Fuel
Spray Characteristics of Non-Reacting Diesel Fuel Spray by Experiments and Simulations with KIVA II Code
Investigation on Fuel Spray and Injection Characteristics of Mini Р-Size Pintle Nozzle and its Low Inertia Injector for Small IDI Diesel Engines
Fuel Injection (II)
Transient Injection Characteristics of a Pintle-Type Injector for Direct Injection of LPG
Characteristics of the Internal Flow in a Diesel Injection Nozzle
Effects of Fuel Viscosity and Ambient Temperature on Spray Characteristics from Multi-Hole Nozzle Injectors
Internal Flow Analysis of a Diesel Spray Using Two Stage Injection System
Effect of Fuel Injection Parameters on the Combustion Performance and Emission in the Direct Injection Type Diesel Engine
Fuel Injection (III)
Characterization of Cavitation Flow in a Simple Hole Nozzle
Fuel Flow Characteristics and Cavitation Phenomena in Nozzle of Diesel Spray by Planer Acrylic Model
Effect of Pressure Ratio on the Growth Charateristics of Impinging Diesel Sprays
Spray Characteristics of an Impinged Diesel Fuel Spray
Expreimental Study on the Droplets Distributions and Formation of Liquid Film after Impingement on the Heated Plate with and without Triangular Grooves
Twin-Fluid Atomization (I)
Characteristics of Bubbling Liquid Jet Atomization across a High-Speed Airstream (Control of Spatial Distribution of Fuel Liquid and Combustion Gas Temperature)
Disintegration of Annular Liquid Sheet with Core Air Flow - Mode Classification
Experimental Investigation of Flow Conditions Inside an Air-Assisted Internal-Mixing Nozzle and their Correlation with Spray Data
Effects of Mixing Chamber Geometry and Flow on Spray Characteristics from an Internal Mixing Twin-Fluid Atomizer
Twin-Fluid Atomization (II)
Prediction of Required Pressure for Flow Rate of Internal Twin Fluid Atomizers
Flow Characteristics and Influence of Shock Wave Interactions on Drop Size in Twin-Fluid Atomizers
Cross-Sectional Spray Pattemation of an Airblast-Atomized Liquid Jet Injected into a Crossflow
Distributions and Collisions of Sprays in an Airblast Planar Injector
Disintegration Characteristics of Liquid Jet Ejected from Internal Mixing Twin Fluid Atomizers
Twin-Fluid Atomization (III)
Spray Characteristics of Y-Jet-Type Airblast Atomizer Embedding Fluid Amplifier
Unsteady Breakup of Liquid Jets in Coaxial Airblast Atomisers
The Gas-Flowfield in the Atomization Region of a Free-Fall-Atomizer
Wednesday, August 20, 1997
Activities on Liquid Atomization at the Research Center Lampolshausen of the German Aerospace Research Establishment
Basic Atomizaton (IV)
The Break-up Length of Laminar Cylindrical Liquid Jets. Modification of Weber's Theory
Frequency Analysis of Disintegrating Liquid Column
A Parametric Study on the Utilization of Gas Dissolution Effect in Steady Sprays
Active Instability Suppression Using Vortex-Droplet Interaction
Experimental Study on Droplet Ejection Due to Gas Bubble Bursting on Liquid Surface (Basic Study for its Application to Particle Production)
Basic Atomizaton (V)
An Experimental Study on Droplet Interactions
The Effect of Manifold Cross-Flow on the Discharge Coefficient of Sharp-Edged Orifices
Turbulence Modulation in a Simplex Spray
Effects of the Internal Flow in a Nozzle Hole on the Breakup Processes of a Liquid Jet
Droplet Dynamics in Shear Flow Induced by a Moving Plate
Basic Atomizaton (VI)
Experiments on the Structure of Twin Overlapping Spray from Two Pressurized-Type Swirl Nozzles
A Study of the Injection of Twin Pulsed High Speed Liquid Jets across Transonic Region
Experimental Investigation of Polydisperse Spray Interaction
Experimental and Numerical Study on Spray Flows in Confined Jets
Fuel Injection (IV)
Swirl Chamber Design Using Spray Impaction on a Glow Plug
Internal Structure of Vaporizing Pressure-Swirl Fuel Sprays
Characterization of Port Fuel Injection Sprays
Atomization Versus Targeting for Port-Fuel Injectors - An Unresolvable Conflict?
Characterization of Direct-Injection Gasoline Sprays under Different Ambient and Fuel Injection Conditions
Fuel Injection (V)
Experimental Investigation on the Atomization Characteristics of a Dobulet Impinging-Jet Injector
Spray Break-Up Process of Diesel Fuel Investigated Close to the Nozzle
Experimental Investigation of a LOX Spray under Hot Fire Conditions
Initial Atomization of an Intermittent Spray from a Diesel Nozzle
Image Analysis of a Diesel Spray Impinging on a Wall
Fuel Injection (VI)
Spray Trajectories of Liquid Fuel Jets in Subsonic Crossflows
Spray Characteristics of an Intermittent Air-Assisted Fuel Injector
Liquid Core Characterisation of Coaxial Liquid Oxygen/ Inert Gas Jets
Fuel Droplet Dynamics and Dispersion of Practical Twin-Fluid Atomizer for Oil Furnace
Ultasonic Atomization
Heat Transfer in the Acoustic Field of an Ultrasonic Atomizer
Development of a Multi-Aperture-Membrane Ultrasonic Atomizer
Characterization of Sprays Produced by Low Frequency Ultrasonic Atomizers
Atomization of Liquids with Widely Differing Material Properties by Ultrasonic Standing-Waves
Electrostatic Atomization
Atomization of Magnetic Fluid Jets
Mechanical and Electrostatic Dispersion of a Polydisperse Cluster of Drops for Soot Control
Performance Data of an Electrostatic Atomizer for Highly Resistive Liquids
Prediction of the Effect of Electrostatic Charging on Spray Characteristics
Measurement Techniques (I)
Application of Laser Diagnostic Techniques to Characterise the Spray Issued from a pMDI
Spray Chatacterization Using a Planar Droplet Sizing Technique
Measurement of the Extensional Properties of Polyacrilamide Solutions Using the Falling Droplet Technique
Equivalence Ratio Measurements in Vaporized Fuel Spray Using Laser Raman Scattering
Thursday, August 21, 1997
The Point-Particle/Continuum-Field Theory of Spray Flows
Agricultural Applications
Determination of the Optimum Droplet Size and Operation Condition for Minimum Drift
Droplet Size Distributions of Air-Carrier Sprayer for Orchard
Performance Characteristics of an Electrostatic Crop Spraying Nozzle for Green House Applications
On the Atomization Characteristics of Twin Fluid Nozzles for Cold Fog Machine (I)
Atomization Characteristics of Liquefied n-Butane Spray with Flash Boiling Phenomena
Experimental Study of Evaporation of a Liquid Drop Containing Alumina Particles
Atomization Characteristics of Liquefied n-Butane Spray Injected by High Injection Pressure
Mass Transfer from Evaporating 1-Hexanol Drop by Using Two Experimental Technique
Process/Industry Application (I)
Considerations of Aircraft Engine Fuel Pumping Systems and Fuel Management for the Next Generation
Transient Cooling of High Temperature Metal Surface with Impinging Water Sprays
Vortex Atomizer of Rigid Particles
Metal Solidification during Spray Forming
Investigation of Droplet Drying Characteristics Using an Acoustic-Aerodynamic Levitator
Modelling of Sprays (I)
Theoretical Determination of Spray Drop Size Distributions Part 1: Description of the Procedure
Theoretical Determination of Spray Drop Size Distributions Part 2: Applications
Numerical Study of Liquid Fuel Spray Characteristics
Direct Simulation of Spray Formation
A Turbulent Transient Charged Spray Model
Modelling of Sprays (II)
Development of a Diesel Spray Atomization Model Considering Nozzle Flow Characteristics
A Study of the Two-Way Coupling Modelling for the Two-Phase Flow Simulation in a Lean Premixer Prevaporizer Module
Modelling of Electrohydrodynamic Processes within a Charge Injected Fuel Spray Nozzle
Two-Phase Flow Simulation of a Dump Combustor under Realistic Conditions
Lagrangian Transport Equation of Fluctuating Kinetic Energy in the Dispersed Phase
Modelling of Sprays (III)
Computational Analysis of Swirl Atomizer Internal Flow
Characterisation of the pMDI Spray Using Numerical Methods
An Investigation of Combustion of Liquid Hydrocarbon Sprays in Homogeneous Mixtures of Fuel and Air
Combustion of an Array of Fuel Droplets - A Theoretical Analysis
Interface Capturing and Universal Treatment of Solid, Liquid and Gas by CIP Method
Measurement Techniques (II)
Phase Doppler Measurements on a Pressurised Spray Nozzle Using Scattering Angles of 72° and 150
Remarks on Extended Application of the Immersion Liquid Method for Droplet Size Measurement
Droplet Size Measurements in a Diesel Fuel Spray Using a Planer Laser Induced Fluorescence Method
Time-Resolved Diffraction Granulometer for Measurements in Transient Sprays
Effects of Light-Absorbing Droplets and Optical Factors on a Phase Doppler Particle Size Analyzer
Measurement Techniques (III)
Time Dividing Analysis of Intermittent Fuel Spray Flows Measured by PDA
Characterization of Liquid-Liquid Mixing in Sprays Using Rainbow Refractometry
LDV Measurements of Air Entrainment Produced by the Impact of a Diesel Spray on a Flat Wall
A Comparative Study of Annular Two-Phase Flow Using Phase Doppler and Laser Diffraction Techniques
Set-up Parameter Optimization of Phase Doppler Technique for Spray Measurement
Measurement Techniques (IV)
Entrained Water Atomization Experiments and Its Size Measurements Using Optical Measurement Techniques
On-Line Process Control in Melt Spraying Using Phase-Doppler Anemometry
Comparison between Laser Diffraction Method and Phase Doppler Method for Spray Characteristics of Air-Assisted Swirl Atomizer
Control of Transient Injection and Fast Spray Dynamics
Critical Conditions for Single Droplets Ignition and Combustion
Friday, August 22, 1997
Introduction to Aerosol Dynamics
Process/Industry Application (II)
Analysis of Production Process of Oxidized Metallic Powder (Preparation of Cerium Dioxide Particles by Spray Pyrolysis Method)
Numerical and Experimental Investigations of the Spray Coating Process
Spray Coating of Solid Particles: Process Optimization Using Numerical Calculations
Theory of the Film Coating by Entrainment and Displacement for High Capillary Number Values
Flow Characteristics in the Double Coaxial Pipe Jets
Spray Combustion
Observation of Droplet Cluster Behaviors in a Premixed-Spray Flame by Laser Tomography
Sooting in Microgravity Droplet Combustion
Ignitability of Fuel Spray
Simulation of Soot Formation Behavior in Carbon Black Furnace
Combustion Characteristics of Diesel Spray in High-Pressure Environment
Aerosol Technology
Two-Step Spray Aerosol Generator for Low Pressure Applications
Coagulation of Electrically Charged Liquid Aerosols
Medical Atomization Design for Inhalation Therapy
Application of Electrostatic Spraying to Reduce S02 Emission in a Laboratory-Scale Spray Drying Absorber
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