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Advances in Molten Salts

ISBN Print: 1-56700-142-4

This book represents information obtained from authentic and highly regarded sources. Reprinted material is quoted with permission, and sources are indicated. A wide variety of references are listed. Every reasonable effort has been made to give reliable data and information, but the authors and the publisher cannot assume responsibility for the validity of all materials or for the consequences of their use.

Table of Contents

Organic Waste Processing using Molten Salt Oxidation Peter C. Hsu, David L. Hippie, Kenneth G. Foster, Robert W. Hopper, Timothy D. Ford 22 pages
Phase equilibria and structure in the Na3AlF6-Na2B407-Ti02 system Elena Maria Anghel, Evanghelia Pavlatou, Marina Balasoiu, Stefania Zuca 9 pages
Catalytic hydrogenation using supported ionic liquid membranes Tae H. Cho, Joan Fuller, Richard T. Carlin 18 pages
Anodic process on a glassy carbon electrode in KCl-LiCl and KCl-LiCl-NaCl-CsCl melts A. P. Apisarov, V. N. Nekrasov, P. A. Arhipov 4 pages
Electrochemical investigation of the formation of carbon nanotubes in molten salts George Z. Chen, Ian Kinloch, Milo S.P. Shaffer, Alan H. Windle 11 pages
Studies of oxide solubilities in molten KCl-LiCl at 700°C V. L. Cherginets, T. P. Rebrova 4 pages
Alumina coatings from aluminium electrodeposited in molten salts Ir. S. Delhaye, Pr. V. Hasthorpe 20 pages
Reactivity in molten oxonitrates of lanthanum and magnanese salts. Synthesis of La1-x MnO3 R. Lyonnet, C. Ciaravino, P. Marote, J.P. Scharff, B. Durand, J. P. Deloume 9 pages
Intercalation from molten salts Derek J. Fray 12 pages
Investigation of interaction of oxygen with halide melt Y. P. Zaikov, A. P. Khramov, A. V. Frolov, L. E. Ivanovskiy, V. P. Batukhtin, O. V. Chemezov 4 pages
Electrical conductivity of the acetamide-acetate salt melts Dragan Babic, Ruzica Nikolic, Slobodan B. Gadzuric, Istvan J. Zsigrai 8 pages
Investigation of structural and Kinetic Properties by the Simulation of Molecular Dynamics R. Abaturov, E. A. Gontcharenko, V. P. Zilberman, Vasiliy Znamenskiy 9 pages
Vacancy model of melting of alkali halides Katarzyna Ksiazek , Tadeusz Gorecki 13 pages
The structure of salt eutectics D. H. Kerridge 9 pages
Oxidation of organic compounds and carbon monoixe in some molten salts and catalysts M. A. Kerzhentsev, Martyn G. Adamson, Z. R. Ismagilov, Y. S. Chekryshkin 21 pages
Currentless Deposition of Nb3Sn in Molten Salts V. Kolosov, V. Novichkov, E. Matychenko, A. Shevyryov 12 pages
Niobium and Tantalum Interaction with Chloride Carbonate Melts S. A. Kuznetsov, S. V. Kuznetsova 9 pages
Activity measurements of alloys and electrolyte solutions in fused salts F. Lantelme , Y. Berghoute, A. Salmi 13 pages
Chemical and electrochemical study of chromium in molten equimolar CaCl2-NaCl Mixture at 550°C A.M. Martinez, Y. Castrillejo, I. Martin, E. Barrado, G. M. Haarberg 11 pages
Preparation of lanthanum oxocuprate in alkali metal nitrate melts C. Matei, I. Jitaru, E. Andronescu, A. Novac 7 pages
Influence of complexing on temperature dependence of isobaric and isohoric heat capacities of LaCl3+NaCl and LaCl3+KCl Melts V. Minchenko, M. Smirnov, I. Korzun, S. Vinogradov-Zhabrov, V. Khoklov, E. Filatov 9 pages
Properties of liquid-salt nuclear fuel and its reprocessing technology V. S. Naumov, A. V. Bychkov, A. V. Lebedev 22 pages
Effet of high polarizability on mobilities in ionic melts Pao-Hwa Chou, Shingo Kawase, Isao Okada 14 pages
Carbon a major energy carrier for the future? W.H.A. Peelen, K. Hemmes, J.H.W de Wit 12 pages
Niobium - Oxygen interaction in halide melts L.P. Polyakova, E.G. Polyakov, T. V. Stogova 7 pages
Electrical conductivity of molten system KCl-CeCl3-Ce A. Red'kin, O. Tkatcheva, V. Shishkin , V. Khokhlov 6 pages
Technology of light lanthanide metals production A. Bogacz, S. Rumianowski, W. Szymanski, W. Szklarski 14 pages
High temperature electrodeposition of ZnSe S. Sanchez, David Lambertin, Pierre Cowache, Gerard S. Picard, Maria Reyes Bermejo Fradejas, Yollanda Castrillejo 13 pages
Transport reactions in salt melts and their applied aspects N. I. Shurov, A. I. Anfinogenov, V. V. Chebykin, E. G. Kazanskii 8 pages
The effect of degeneration in the thermodynamics of binary salt mixtures N. C. Tkachev, A. Ya. Fishman, K. Yu. Shunyaev 9 pages
Properties of some glass-ceramics in molten and solid state Mariella Constantinescu, Georgeta Jitianu, Mirela Britchi, Chiamiran Vuap, Mircea Olteanu 13 pages
Organometallic Synthesis in Room-Temperature Chloroaluminate (Ⅲ) Ionic Liquids D. Crofts, P. J. Dyson, K. M. Sanderson, N. Srinivasan, T. Welton 10 pages
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