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Energy and the Environment, 1998

ISBN Print: 1-56700-127-0



The evaluation of various university buildings on the basis of their energy consumption and management has been performed for the first time in Turkey. One of the major aim in doing this study is to generate performance indices which give a measure of the energy use of a building and to compare them with yardsticks of other countries. The other aims are (i) to make attempts for establishing an energy management responsibility structure at the Turkish universities, (ii) to discuss how the energy efficiency studies towards the industrial sector are supported by the universities, and (iii) to explain the structure of energy conservation studies in Turkey. A questionnaire-based survey was conducted in the universities for that reason. It was found that in larger universities, annual energy consumption was over 8000 TOE (tons of oil equivalent). In addition, it was concluded that they don't have any energy management responsibility structures yet.
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