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Transferencia de calor y Flujo de fluidos en Microcanales -微管的传热和流动

ISBN: 978-1-56700-208-9
ISBN En Línea: 978-1-56700-321-5

Transferencia de calor y Flujo de fluidos en Microcanales -微管的传热和流动

Gian Piero Celata
ENEA, Institute of Thermal Fluid Dynamics, ENEA TERM/ISP Heat Transfer Laboratory C.R.E.


This first book in a new series in Thermal an Fluid Physics and Engineering, edited by Professor G. F. Hewitt, is of particular importance to the field at the present time. Edited by Professor F. P. Celata, the topic of microchannels is finding a very large range of applications, particularly in the context of cooling of electronic equipment. Fluid flow and heat transfer process at the microscale bring into play many aspects that are not significant at the macro scale. The book fills a void in the existing literature and covers a large body of new knowledge in the thermal-fluid dynamics theory and applications in micro-geometries. The volume also presents a critical assessment of the state-of-the-art in the field. Intended for both academic and industrial audiences.

280 pages, © 2004