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Reactivity of Inorganic Substances: Revised and Augmented Edition

ISBN Imprimir: 978-1-56700-050-4

ISBN En Línea: 978-1-56700-399-4

R. A. Lidin M.V. Lomonosov Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, Moscow, Russia

This handbook includes data on more than 7000 substances, chosen because of their scientific and technological importance. Each entry provides the chemical name of the substance uniquely reflecting its composition followed by a concise verbal characteristic of the substance including color, aggregate state, thermal stability, specific features of its structure, solubility, reactivity, relation to most widely used solvents, specific properties, and more. Following then are the methods of the substance synthesis on an industrial scale and under laboratory conditions, including the most important constants necessary for correct interpretation of the chemical properties and everyday practical use of the reactions such as molar mass, density, melting, boiling, decomposition points, and so on. Finally, the numbered reaction equations are given in which the substance in question plays the part of the reactant. Such an arrangement makes the Handbook informative and of great value because it can answer any specific question as well as to provide detailed information about the chemical properties of a substance. The book is invaluable to researchers, engineers, students and others who have an immediate need to know the properties of a substance so as to be able to make correct decisions in scientific or technological situations.

925 pages, © 1996

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