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Heat Pipe Technology: Volume 2.  Materials and Applications.

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Heat Pipe Technology: Volume 2. Materials and Applications.

Leonid L. Vasiliev, Jr.
Byelorussian Academy of Sciences; and Luikov Heat & Mass Transfer Institute, Porous Media Laboratory, P. Brovka Str. 15, 220072 Minsk, Belarus


These two volumes consist of more than 100 papers presented at the 7th International Heat Pipe Conference in Minsk. The heat pipe is one of the remarkable achievements of thermal physics and heat transfer engineering in this century because of its unique ability to transfer heat over large distances without considerable losses. The main applications of heat pipes deal with the problems of environmental protection and energy and fuel savings. The papers published here cover basic processes and fundamentals, theoretical and experimental studies of heat pipes and thermosyphons, materials problems and heat pipe technology, and include commercial, scientific and space applications.

1213 pages, © 1993

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Committee on International Heat Pipe Conferences
Applications of Heat Pipes and Thermosyphons in Cold Regions
A Statistical Treatment of Accelerated Heat Pipe Life Test Data ( 2 )
A Contribution to Service Life of Heat Pipes
The Influence of the Corrosion Inhibitors on Aluminum-Ammonia Heat Pipe Performance
Performance of Closed Two-Phase Thermosyphons with High-Temperature Organic Working Fluids
Observation of Working Fluid in a Heat Pipe by Neutron Radiografy
High Temperature Liquid Metal Heat Pipes
Experimental Study on Mercury Heat Pipe
Container Failure of Sodium Heat Pipe due to Local Dry-out
Study on Prolonging the Life-Time of Carbon Steel-Water Heat Pipe
Recent Advances in Heat Pipes for Hybrid Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger
Investigation of Low Temperature Heat Pipes During Long-Term Service
Express-Method Development and its Application for Heat Pipe Quality Control
The Increase of Heat Transfer Capacity of Antigravitational Heat Pipe with Powder Capillary Structures
Investigation of Heat Pipes with Inserted Capillary Structures at Different Purity of Heat Transfer Agent
Thermotechnical Problems of Express-Method of Efficiency Control of Heat Pipes
Energy Efficiency and Environmental Pollution Problems: The Role of Heat Pipes and Associated Enhancement Techniques
Modem Developments in Row Visualization
High-Temperature Lithium Heat Pipe Furnace for Space Applications: Investigation of Temperature Stability & Reproducibility
Two-Phase Heat Transport Systems: European Technology Status
Development of a High Performance Heat Pipe For Thermal Control in Future Spacecraft
In Orbit Performance of the TV-SAT/TDF-1 Heat Pipe System
The Design of a Capillary Pumped Loop System for the Earth Observation System Polar Platform
A Helically Coiled Evaporative Heat Exchanger for Space-Based Heat Transport Systems
Heat Pipe Heat Recovery from Boiler and Furnace Flues
Development of a Hot Water Generator Combined with a Heat Pipe and Electric Heat Storage Blocks
Heat Pipes for Electronic Equipment Cooling Systems
Mercury Heat Pipe Chemical Reactor
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation in Relationship with the Development of the Gas-Gas Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger Family
Heat Pipe Heat Accumulator for Cooling of Power Thiristors
Development of an artificial Permafrost Storage Using Heat Pipes
Use of Two-Phase Closed Thermosyphon in Concrete Curing Process: Comparison of Analysis and Experiment
Experimental Study on a Capillary Pumped Loop Testing Model
Gas Controlled Heat Pipes for Primary Temperature Measurements
The Extraction of Geothermal Energy by Long Double Tube Thermosyphon
Basic Characteristics and Performance of Capillary Pumped Loops
Design and Testing of a Heat Pipe Gas Combustion System for the STM4-120 Stirling Engine
SIGMA VCHP Radiator: in Orbit Performance
Final Report on Safety Regulation and Product Standard of Heat Pipes — Bursting Test of Heat Pipe with Catastropic Failure Protection Measures
Development of a Elliptic Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger
Characteristics of a Gravity Assisted Heat Pipe Based Heat Exchanger
Thermosyphon Rankine Engine for Solar Energy and Waste Heat Applications
The Optimum Face Wind Velocity Gas-Gas Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger
Ceramic Heat Pipe Flat Plate Solar Collector
Cooling of Power Transformers with Two-Phase Thermosyphons
The Use of a Sodium Pipe for Influencing Thermal Process in Steel Castings
Thermal Modelling and Design of a Heat Pump with Solar Collector-Evaporator Heat Pipe
Transient Behavior of a Thermosyphon Heat Pipe under Stepwise Temperature Heat Load Changes
Electrically Insulated Heat Pipe Type Cooling System for Thiristor
Sodium Heat Pipe Heat-exchanger for High Temperature Waste Heat Recovery
Modelling of the Transient Operating Characteristics of a Closed Two-Phase Thermosyphon
Heat Pipes in Skoda Traction Vehicles
Design and Research of Heat-Pipe Type Drill
Residual Energy Recovery from Chemical Industry Using Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers
Development, Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Loop Heat Pipes
Unified Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers Used for Heat Recovery
Heat Transfer at Joint Utilization of Heat Pipes and Heat Accumulators on the Basis of Phase-Change Materials
The Heat Transfer Characteristics of Phase Change Heat Storage Medium Used in a Heat Pipe Type Solar Collector
Heat Pipe Application in Rubber Vulcanisation Moulds
A Large Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger with Automatic Ashcleaner
Development of a Two-Phase Cold Plate