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Progress in Plasma Processing of Materials, 2001

1-56700-165-3 (Imprimir)


Sergey V. Dresvin
Laboratory of Electrotechnological and Plasma Installation of Polytechnic Institute -SPb State Polytechnical University, 29 Polytechnicheskaya Str., 195251 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

A.V. Krylov
Dpt. of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Technology - St. Petersburg State Technical University, Polytechnicheskaya Str. 29, 195251 St. Petersburg, Russia


The heat flux incoming from the arc column to the anode is one of the main parameters allowing us calculate the heat transfer into the anode body. In common case for determination of parameters of heat transfer between arc column and anode is necessary to conduct calculation of non-equilibrium plasma boundary layer. In order to find a heat flux to the anode was conducted theoretical and experimental study of the near anode region. In the framework of theoretical calculation was used the two-layer model of anode boundary layer. In accordance with accepted model for each layer was formed the equations of energy balance. The parameters of the near anode region obtained as a result of energy balance analysis for each layer. As a result of basic researches was obtained the components of the heat flux to the anode. From analysis of calculation results of the arc column in two-temperature approach was found heat flux by convection to the anode and Stanton number in stagnation point. In experimental investigation of electric arc at the laboratory installation has been found the value of heat flux by convection to the anode. In the course of experiments was measured the dynamic plasma pressure in stagnation point and the temperature of electric arc that allow us find the value of heat flux by convection. Also was found the part of convection heat flux in summary heat flux to the anode.