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Progress in Plasma Processing of Materials, 1997

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Stephane Pellerin
GREMI, CNRS-Universite d'Orleans, BP 6759, 45067 Orleans Cedex 2, France LASEP, Universite d'Orleans - Antenne de Bourges, BP4043, 18028 Bourges, France

K. Musiol
Marian Smoluchowski Inst. of Physics, Jagellonian University, ul. Reymonta 4,30-459 Krakow, Poland

O. Motret
GREMI, UMR 6606, Universite d'Orleans, B.P. 6759, 45067 Orleans Cedex 2, France

B. Pokrzywka
Mt.Suhora, Observatory of Cracow Pedagogical University, ul. Podchorazych 2, 30-084, Krakow, Poland

J. Chapelle
LASEP, Centre Universitaire de Bourges, Rue Gaston Berger, BP 4043, 18028 Bourges Cedex, France


Noisy and spectrally not well resolved molecular emission spectra of the 516.611nm Swan band of the C2 molecule were employed for the evaluation of the rotational temperature in different plasma sources. This diagnostic method may be applied in the temperature range from 300K to 6000K and is specially useful when the apparatus function of a recording system is unknown The described method is based on a comparison of experimental data with the theoretically calculated spectrum. Three plasma sources were examined, a plasma torch recombining jet, a high voltage triggered dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), and a RF plasma torch.