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Laser Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics

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Laser Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics

B. S. Rinkevichius
Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russia


This monograph is intended for engineers and scientists concerned with laser-aided investigations, as well as students and post-graduate students. It describes the methods of laser diagnostics of fluid and gasws that are currently finding wide applications in aero- and hydrodynamic studies, power engineering, space and aircraft industries, chemical engineering, metallurgy, biology, environemental sciences, and much more. Chapters range from fundamental laws of optics as they related to laser beams, through laser radiation, scattering, to laser diagnostics methods.

341 pages, © 1998

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Preface to Russian Edition
Author's Preface to English Edition
1 Fundamental Laws of Optics
1.1 Electromagnetic Optical Waves
1.2 Reflection and Refraction
1.3 Propagation of Laser Beams
1.4 Interference of Coherent Waves
1.5 Interference of Polarized Waves
1.6 Diffraction of Optical Waves
1.7 The Fraunhofer Diffraction by Many Obstacles
1.8 Detection of Optical Radiation
2 Laser Radiation
2.1 Operational Principle of Lasers
2.2 Some Types of Commercial Lasers
2.3 Properties of Laser Radiation
2.4 Gaussian Beams
2.5 Gaussian Beam Transformation
2.6 Interference of Gaussian Beams
2.7 Interference of Beams From Multimode Laser
2.8 Photomixing of Laser Radiation
2.9 Frequency Modulation of Laser Radiation
3 Laser Radiation Scattering
3.1 Theory of Scattering by Spherical Particles
3.2 Scattering by Small Particles
3.3 Scattering by Large Particles
3.4 Scattering of Two Coherent Beams
3.5 Optical Particle Sizing
4 Optical Schemes of Laser Doppler Anemometers
4.1 The Doppler Effect
4.2 LDA Schemes
4.3 One Component LDA Schemes
4.4 Two-Component LDA schemes
4.5 Three-Component LDA Schemes
4.6 Methods for Measuring Flow Velocity Fields
4.7 Flow Visualization Using Laser Sheet
4.8 Doppler Global Velocimetry
4.9 Particle Image Velocimetry
5 Analysis of LDA Signals
5.1 A Doppler Anemometer Fringe Model
5.2 Doppler Signal in a Differential LDA
5.3 Signal in a LDA with a Reference Beam
5.4 Doppler Signal in Two-Component LDA
5.5 Polarization Effects in LDA's
5.6 Potential Accuracy of Measuring the Velocity
5.7 Integral Doppler Spectrum
5.8 Methods for Measuring the Doppler Shift
5.9 Computer-Aided Methods
5.10 Investigation of LDA Signals from a Large Particle
6 Laser Diagnostics Methods in Fluid Mechanics
6.1 The Hydrodynamic Flow Investigations
6.2 Two-Phase and Gas Flows Diagnostics
6.3 Scanning Laser Refractometry
6.4 Adaptive LDA Application
6.5 Measurement of Superlow Velocities of Solids
6.6 Laser Doppler Hydrophones