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Transport Phenomena in Thermal Engineering. Volume 2

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C.C. Gentry
Phillips Petroleum Company, Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74006, USA


Thermal-hydraulic predictive methods, mechanical design characteristics, computer design software, and specific applications for RODbaffle heat exchangers are covered in the present paper. RODbaffle single-phase thermal-hydraulic predictive models presented are based upon test data in both heating and cooling modes from 14 different bare and low-finned tube bundles, using air, oil, and water as test fluids. Predictive correlations are valid over the Reynolds number range from 300 to 150,000 and for Prandtl numbers from 0.7 to 45. Also presented are details of the RODbaffle thermal design program, which is based upon present thermal-hydraulic predictive models. Mechanical design details for support rods, baffle rings, baffle cage assemblies, low-finned tube installations, and U-bend support methods are also presented.