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Heat and Mass Transfer under Plasma Conditions

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Heat and Mass Transfer under Plasma Conditions


More than 99% of the visible matter in the universe is in the plasma state, where it forms the basis of a wide variety of objects and phenomena. This richness of the fourth aggregation state of matter is especially reflected in the wide diversity in plasma transport processes. This book collects more than 60 papers from the first international symposium on heat and mass transfer under plasma conditions, held in Cesme, Turkey in 1994. This important field is well covered in this volueme, from plasma modeling and characterizations to new branches of plasma physics.

© 1995
650 pages

Tabla de Contenidos:

1-Tl Turbulence Modelling in Electric Arc
1-T2 Radiative Transfer in Thermal Plasmas
1-03 Mass Transfer in Plasma Reactor Designs
1-04 Identification of the Laminar-Turbulent Transition Process in a Plasma Plume
1-05 Radiative Gas-Dynamics in Multicomponent Plasma
1-06 Mechanism of the Laminar-Turbulent Transition Process in a Plasma Plume
1-07 Electrical Probe Investigation of Structure of DC Arc Plasma Jet
1-08 A Numerical Model for an AC Electric Arc
1-09 Numerical Modelling of the Internal Behaviour of a Vortex Stabilized Plasma Torch
1-10 Water Stabilized Arc as a Source of Thermal Plasma
1-11 Small-Scale Turbulence in Lascr-Plasma Expanding in External Magnetic Field and Ambient Gas
2-Tl The Effect of Droplet Evaporation on the Emission of an ICP
2-02 Modelling of Molecular Plasmas in Non-CTE Conditions Application to Air Plasmas at Atmospheric Pressure
2-03 On the Influence of Ionization-Rccombination and Radiative Losses in Thermal Plasma Modelling
2-04 Atomic Hydrogen Level Populations and Hydrogen Dissociation Degree in an Expanding Thermal Plasma
2-05 Study of Non-Equilibrium Effects in Hydrogcn-Oxygcn Thermal Plasma Jet
2-06 Demixing in a Free-Burning Arc in a Mixture of Argon and Nitrogen
3-Tl Heat and Mass Transfer Phenomena in Thermal Plasma Processing
3-02 Numerical Analysis of Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer between Nitrogen Plasma and Injected Si Particles in Axisymmetric Reactor
3-03 The Particles Movement and Heating in Plasma Jet
3-04 Powder Treatment by Thermal Inductively Coupled RF-Plasma
3-O5 Aerodynamic Resistance (Drag Coefficient) of Small Particlcs Moving in Plasma Flow at Low Reynolds Numbers
3-06 Heat Exchange of Spherical Stationary Model and Small Particles Moving in a Plasma Jet
4-TI Thermal Plasma-Wall Boundary Layers
4-02 Arc Cathode Erosion Studies
4-03 Heat Transport and Associated Surface Phenomena at the Plasma-Material Interface
4-04 Influence of the Anode Arc Attachment on the Dynamic Behaviour of Plasma Jet Produced by a D.C. Plasma Torch
4-05 Electrode Heat Transfer and Behavior of Tungsten Cathode in Arc Discharge
4-06 Heat and Mass Transfer Requirements in Plasma Smelting Technologies
4-07 Mass, Heat and Momentum Transfer at the Plasma-Metal Pool Interphase in a Plasma Arc Reactor
4-08 Heat Transfer Study in DC Arc Furnace Bath Electrode
4-09 Power Electronics Applied to the Production of AC Plasma Arcs
4-10 Measurement of Total Heat Flux Distribution for Normal Impingement of Air Plasma Jet on a Flat Plate
4-11 Influence of the Surrounding Atmosphere on the Heat Flux Transmitted by a D.C. Spraying Plasma Jet to a Cold Substrate
4-12 Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer between a Low Pressure Arc Plasma Jet and a Substrate
4-13 Influence of Nozzle Shields on the Heat Transfer between a D.C. Spraying Plasma Jet and Particles on Water Cooled Targets
4-14 A fast-Response, High-Heat Flux Probe
4-15 Photoablation of Ceramic Materials using TJ.V. Laser: Application to Thin Films Deposition
4-16 Excimer Laser Ablation of Aluminum Surfaces under Surface Plasma Condition
4-17 Particle Interaction with the Walls of a Divertor Tokamak
5-T1 Diagnostics and Modelling in Plasma Chemical Processes
5-02 Chemical Reactions between a Thermal Plasma and a Molten Material. On Line Measurements by Emission Spectroscopy and Comparison with a Model of Heat and Mass Transfer
5-03 Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Diagnostics, Kinetics and Mechanisms for Si, Ti and B Chlorides in IRF Plasma and Hard Film Deposition of SijN^ SiC, TiN and BN on Tool Steels
5-04 Mathematical Model of the Reactive Quenching Process in Plasma Reactor
5-05 Study of the Kinetics in a Microwave Plasma or Post-Discharge Containing Ar-CH^j-Hj Gas Mixture. Application to Hard Carbon Thin Film Deposition and to Steel Treatment
5-06 Destruction of Carbofluorine Wastes in a Fluidized Bed Reactor: Part I: Thermodynamic Study of Gas Phase
5-07 Destruction of Carbofluorine Wastes in a Fluidized Bed Reactor: Part II: Designing of the Fluidized Bed
5-08 Catalytic Properties of the Surfaces in Respect of Generation of COj Molecules in the Plasma
6-T1 A Model for Chemical Vapor Deposition of Diamond in an RF Thermal Plasma
6-T2 Particle Nucleation and Growth in Plasma Reactors
6-T3 Modelling of DC Plasma Spraying Operation Including Particle Impaction and Solidification
6-T4 Monitoring the Particle Impact on a Substrate during Plasma Spray Process
6-05 Generation of Nanosize Particles in a Plasma Expansion Reactor
6-06 Modelling of Ultrafine Particle Synthesis in a High Temperature Reactor
6-07 Thermal History of Splat and Base Layer in Deposition of Alumina Coatings by Plasma Spraying
6-08 Parameters Influencing the Splat Formation in Plasma Spraying
6-09 Particle Splats Study and Induction Plasma Spraying of Alumina and Refractory Metals
6-10 Plasma Polymerization and Surface Fluorination of Polymers by a Non-Equilibrium Plasma
6-11 Effcct of Plasma Treatment on Alumina Catalyst Support Powder
6-12 HF-ICP Torch Design for CVD: Synthetic Silica Deposition for Optical Preform Fabrication
7-T1 Fluctuating Chaos and Nonstandard Transport Phenomena
7-T2 Random Walk and Fractal Deformation of Transition Layer Vorticity
7-03 The Hall Effcct Magnetohydrodynamics (HMHD) Plasma Description
7-04 On the Physics of the Plasma Maser
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