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1st World Congress of Young Scientists on Hydrogen Energy Systems

ISBN Imprimir: 1-56700-230-7



The mission of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization - Industrial Centre for Hydrogen Energy Technologies (UNIDO-ICHET) will help convert the World Economy to the Hydrogen Energy System by acting as a bridge between the developed and the developing countries to span the gap between research and development, and between energy enterprises and the market place by stimulating appropriate applications of Hydrogen Energy technologies and Hydrogen Energy related industrial development. This is a historic mission, which will provide the humankind with a clean, abundant and sustainable energy system. To achieve its mission, UNIDO-ICHET will undertake programs to establish extensive databases on Hydrogen Energy covering the related work throughout the world; to conduct information dissemination through studies, applied research, training, conferences and education programs, and advisory services; to provide expert assistance in establishing, running and evaluation of hydrogen energy technology pilot projects; to become a technology bridge between demonstration and commercialization of hydrogen technologies; to bridge the gap between hydrogen energy research and development activities in the developing and developed countries, by undertaking the missing research and development work; to demonstrate production, distribution and storage technologies, as an applications incubator; and to provide independent testing services for Hydrogen Energy Industries.
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