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1st World Congress of Young Scientists on Hydrogen Energy Systems

ISBN Imprimir: 1-56700-230-7



The Research Centre for Sustainable Development (CIDES) from Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo Catholic University makes efforts to face the negative effects of the socialeconomic growth on the northern areas of Peru by using fossil fuels. We propose a program with three priorities for developing a power portfolio in a middle-long term toward an energy economy based on solar-hydrogen system.
The program also emphasize the use of local renewable resources as a challenge and an opportunity for power hydrogen plants; hydrogen technology are growing in popularity all over the world, consequently, it's our concern to propose new energy program in order to easy the market penetration of new technologies for the regional development.
The Implementation of hydrogen technologies will bring many social-environmental-economic benefits. IIRSA - Initiative for the Integration of Infrastructure in South America – represents an especial project application because the IIRSA project will cross through sensitive environmental zones of the North Peruvian Regions, and it's necessary to reduce the high risk of environmental damage. IIRSA initiative seeks to create an infrastructure platform (Transportation, Energy, and Telecommunications) to promote trade integration in South America and reinforce the region's position in the global economy.
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