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Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena -1 First International Symposium

ISBN Imprimir: 1-56700-135-1



Temperature sensitive particles have been developed which enable the three-dimensional simultaneous measurement of velocity and temperature in a fluid flow. Even with the recent advances in experimental techniques in the fluid mechanics and the thermal engineering, the three-dimensional simultaneous measurement of all the three components of velocity and the temperature in the turbulent field could not be performed. As for the velocity field, one can carry out the three-dimensional measurement with the aid of the three-dimensional particle tracking velocimetry (3-D PTV). But, as for the temperature field, the laser-induced fluorescence technique (LIF) can only provide the two-dimensional dense distribution of temperature. Presently, the authors have developed two types of temperature sensitive particles which contain the fluorescence material inside. By using these particles as the tracer for the 3-D PTV, the simultaneous temperature measurement can be carried out within the framework of the 3-D PTV. In this study, the preparation procedures for the temperature sensitive [(W/0)AV] microcapsule and (O/W) microparticle have been demonstrated. The temperature calibrations for these particles have proved the applicability of the present particles to the temperature measurement and the uncertainties at 20:1 odds are found to be 1.18 degree and 0.78 degree respectively. The preliminary experiment in a natural convection layer have shown that the signal to noise ratio of the camera should be improved for the actual measurement.
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