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Onco Therapeutics

ISSN Imprimir: 2694-4642

ISSN En Línea: 2694-4650

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Objetivos y Alcance

Onco Therapeutics (OT) is an international journal that provides state-of-the-art authoritative reviews and research articles on selected topics in the emerging field of cancer therapeutics covering immunotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapies, and many others. The journal is aimed at clinicians and academic researchers to keep them abreast of modern concepts and the latest developments in cancer treatments.
The last decade has witnessed noteworthy milestones in the development of novel treatment modalities with significant clinical responses. These advances were the result of new knowledge accumulated on oncogenes, oncoproteins, tumor suppressors, signal transduction pathways, cellular processes and cellular responses, cell-cell interactions and the direct involvement of the tumor microenvironment. These have also provided new insights into the mechanisms underlying the resistance of tumor cells to conventional treatments and the development of new therapies to overcome that resistance.
The term "Onco Therapeutics" is introduced as a descriptor that will encompass all conventional and prospective therapeutics in various cancers to date. The unique multidisciplinary approach for a specific selected topic in therapeutics distinguishes OT from many other journals in which reviews that are not interrelated are published in a single issue and do not cover the overall scope of the topic in question.
OT is as an essential and timely reference standard for the use of scientists, clinicians, academics, students, and health professionals. The reviews and research articles include diagrams and other illustrations that convey the major message(s) of the review. The journal also encourages opinions and perspectives from established scientists.


The journal Onco Therapeutics (OT), previously known as Forum on Immunological Diseases and Therapeutics and published by Begell House, Inc., is being relaunched beginning in 2021 with Dr. Benjamin Bonavida as Editor-in-Chief. Dr. Bonavida is currently Distinguished Research Professor of Immunology and Cancer Biology at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He has published over 500 research articles and reviews, the majority of which are in the field of cancer. He is also an experienced editor of journals and books.
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