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Visualization, Image Processing and Computation in Biomedicine

ISSN En Línea: 2162-3511

Archives: Volume 1, 2012 to Volume 2, 2013

Volumen 2, 2013

Volumen 1, 2012

Visualization, Image Processing and Computation in Biomedicine

Editor-in-Chief: Markad V. Kamath

Objetivos y Alcance

This journal is aimed at evaluating novel processes and for visual presentation of imaging paradigms that are emerging in biomedical imaging. Currently, almost every sub-discipline of medicine and surgery uses imaging for diagnosis, therapeutic procedures, and for monitoring the outcome. Continuing innovation in chemistry, computational sciences, engineering, material science, mathematics and physics have enriched the field of identifying evolving applications in the imaging science for biomedical purposes. The journal will use the Web 2.0 platform to present peer reviewed research from basic and clinical sciences to a wide audience of scientists and medical professionals. Both review and current research manuscripts are welcome. The journal will host a visual presentation of a part of the manuscript detailing issues relevant to image formation and processing through displaying sequential images and/or short movie clips. The Web 2.0 platform will enable interactive use of the resources of the in-house technology of the publisher, thereby provide feedback to investigators, stimulate discussion and enrich the publication process.

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Christian Rossmann, Frank Rattay, Dieter Haemmerich

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Mingwu Jin, Rajesh Nandy, Dietmar Cordes

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Niloy Choudhury, Zhaoqiang Zhang, Feng Zhao, Ling Gu, Samar Mohanty

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